FAQ Regarding “What I Do”

I get a lot of the same questions from folk, trying to ‘figure out’ what I do, or how ‘I work’.

It’s not an easy bunch of questions to answer because everyone is different and we all have different experiences with body-work, body-based forms of psychotherapy, movement classes etc. And of course, how ‘I work’ will […]

Part 1. Refining the Somatic Practices: The Story of Jenny and Susan

I think it might have been in June last year when one of my teachers said:

“The somatic practices need to be more refined.”

These seven words really, REALLY, got me thinking. In 7 months of thinking and asking other people Рmy clients, colleagues, teachers Рit seems unanimous:

Yep. Refinement needed.

First, where the 7 words came from.

I was […]