Cleanse Your Body of Trauma. Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 1: Orientation

Cleanse Your Body of Trauma with Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 1: Orientation


This is the first of a series of posts titled “Nervous System Cleansing 101″.

These posts are an invaluable beginning for learning about the stress response and how to gently navigate out of stressful events in order to bring your focus and your entire […]

I have a favour to ask. Become your own medicine. It’s time to try.

I want to cultivate a tribe of folk who are truly interested in becoming ‘curators’ of their own bodies. I’ve written more about this idea here, but in essence, here’s the shortened version:

When we actually understand how our body works, what its default states & grooves are, how to listen to our pains and treat them […]

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