My year of heaven, hell and healing. What I’m certain of as I roll into 2012.

In July 2010 I decided to leave Whistler for a six month hiatus.

I drove many many miles in my trusty station wagon.

I visited many great friends and colleagues.
I followed my gut. My instincts led me. It was glorious.
During the tail end of the trip I found the truest and most raw loves of my life, Seth. […]

The prevention bus is more than just one thing. November is National Prevention Month (according to Kris Carr at least!)

I want to tell you about Kris Carr.

I had the pleasure of shaking Kris’ hand last week while in NYC. She glows. Luminous would be the adjective I’d use. She is the poster child for self-care and prevention. She even named November “National Prevention Month”.

Here’s what she wrote on her blog today:

“Last week […]