A Meditation on Meditation

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7 Tips to Help You Meditate (And Be in the World with Greater Ease).

Do you have difficulty meditating?

If you answered “yes” – I’m not surprised. Meditation is an advanced practice. It’s kind of like the black belt of the mindfulness world. And just like in Karate, it was designed as a level of practice only permitted for those who have put in the groundwork.
Mindfulness and meditation are becoming more and […]

Why Mindfulness Practices Don’t Always Work – Learning the Groundwork to Meditation.


Do you find it hard to meditate?
Meditation has become quite the fad as of late. Dare I say – “en vogue”?

The February 3rd edition of Time magazine, featuring a cover photo of a luminescent woman, lures you in to read about “The Mindful Revolution” and “The science of finding focus in […]

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