A Meditation on Meditation

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The “Real” Reason Why We Can’t Break Our Habits.


How are those new year’s resolutions going folks?
I would love to share this story with you as I’m sure that many of you (even if you didn’t express your resolutions out in public or on paper) are looking to change “something” in your life in 2015.
When I worked in fitness back in my […]

7 Tips to Help You Meditate (And Be in the World with Greater Ease).

Do you have difficulty meditating?

If you answered “yes” – I’m not surprised. Meditation is an advanced practice. It’s kind of like the black belt of the mindfulness world. And just like in Karate, it was designed as a level of practice only permitted for those who have put in the groundwork.
Mindfulness and meditation are becoming more and […]

Why Mindfulness Practices Don’t Always Work – Learning the Groundwork to Meditation.


Do you find it hard to meditate?
Meditation has become quite the fad as of late. Dare I say – “en vogue”?

The February 3rd edition of Time magazine, featuring a cover photo of a luminescent woman, lures you in to read about “The Mindful Revolution” and “The science of finding focus in […]

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