Got Tight Achy and Cranky Hips? (and why it’s not the glute med’s ‘effin fault!)

Here’s a great story and testimony from one of my clients about getting rid of tight and cranky hips. 


“I wanted to ski a few days before letting you know…just to be sure it wasn’t just a one time thing. Well I have to say THANK YOU!!! I noticed a very big difference, my brain is […]

Lessons from a Stubbed Toe: “Accident-Trauma-First Aid”

 Stubbing my toe in Berkeley.

I was walking quite fast through the residential area of Berkeley, California, this past October. I was wearing my open-toed Birkenstock sandals when BAM! “Ouch, #!^*…Oh, that REALLY hurts…” An uneven slab of sidewalk had put an abrupt stop to the forward motion of my second toe on my right foot.

In the […]