An Epidemic of Chronic Illness: How Stress, Trauma & Adversity Early in Life Impacts Our Capacity to Heal

Are you that person who has tried dozens of therapies and treatments?
Can you relate to trying a gazillion different cleanses and elimination diets (plus every kind of mind-body technique under the sun)? Do you still find yourself struggling with tricky to treat symptoms and you wonder if you’ll ever be well enough to just let […]

Why Embodiment is So Important

What if you could feel yourself ALL the time?
Imagine this:
You’re totally 100% dialled in to your body’s cues for rest, hunger, pleasure and play 24/7…
Old toxic stuff doesn’t hijack you and throw you off of your health and wellness path…
Wouldn’t that be lovely?
In this off-the-cuff video blog I pose these two questions:

Why do we […]

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