I just returned from one of THE BEST summer vacations I’ve had in a very long time.

At this moment I have too many snippets and tidbits of:

  • Serendipity and oddities
  • Stories of old friends, new ones and future ones
  • Beauties and tragedies
  • Future endeavours and collaborations
  • Fun, bliss and wonders…..

……careening through this 34-year old vessel that in order to avoid completely falling over in a big heap of content overload the urge to post something simple, yet effective at summing up “it ALL” was in order.

The quirky Bjork says

“Big Time Sensuality is about my friends, not my lovers. It’s not erotic or sensual even if it may sound like that. A lot of it is also about myself. I can be a coward a lot of the time and there comes a moment when I write a song when I get quite brave.”

She says it so well.

When I first roughed out my potential itinerary I thought myself to be a bit cuckoo. Now in retrospect, it seems every stop; both planned and unplanned, person(s), friend(s), new friend colleague(s), collaborator(s), store, place, and many first‘s all seem to mesh into something indescribable and incredible.