Natural progressions + Personal evolution + Change

Those three bits summed up equals = New Website.


It’s been in the making since March 2010 (and my entire life).


Time to Say Goodbye to Scientuitive

But first, in the spirit of proper goodbyes and saying something nice as one would do in a heartfelt eulogy I thought I’d write one for my first website name: Scientuitive.

First of all, it isn’t completely going away. It will get shelved for a wee bit. I am keeping it for something special later on. Book? Workshop? Conference? Don’t know yet. The funny thing is that most people aren’t familiar with the origins of the name. It’s actually pretty deep. Here it is.

It came to me one night (doubt it was dark and dreary)…..

… the mid-90’s, after spending way to much time with a very eclectic, talented artist, and intelligent physiotherapy friend (all one person, yes!). I was rehabilitating too many knee injuries, so my time with him seemed to be plentiful. We’d talk about the connections of ‘stuff’. Cells, people, illness, the mind, the world, the body – way before mind-body was “en vogue”. I remember hearing the word ‘tensegrity’ from him for the first time – stuff like this we’d talk about. (thanks Randy!)

Numerous hours, days, months later….

… got me thinking about the scientific and intuitive thinkers.

By this I mean the ones that played the hard core science game, such as the Albert Einstein’s and the Isaac Newton’s – and – who also had strong connections to the worlds of religion, alchemy and the knowing of something greater and bigger out there – something beyond particles and atoms and cells. The stuff we’d call life.

I decided to call them the “Scientuitive Thinkers”

I wrote this new word on a piece of brown paper. Taped it to my desk. And there it stayed for a good 10 years.

As I progressed into my own studies about the human body, my own ups and downs and how it all fits into the bigger picture, I too started to feel like one of these Scientuitive thinkers – I started to read Einstein’s writings while doing my Masters (one of his books even caught on fire while reading in my cramped dorm room in Australia with a candle by my side!), read a lot of Jane Goodall and David Suzuki and read a good chunk from E.O.Wilson, someone who coined terms like “Sociobiology”, “Biophilia” and resurrected the term “Consilience”.

Over a span of about ten years I learned a whole lot about human processes, real life practical application to aid these processes and have successfully helped a whole lot of people with their own processes.

What does the Snake have to do with it?

I needed a logo to go with the new name – I choose the serpent eating its tail – also known as “Ouroboros“. This symbolism runs deep, but for this concept it signifies the unity of knowledge. Apparently this symbol is smack dab on the floor entrance of CERN in Geneva which is where the big science folk smash particles and try to understand our planet from a very small, yet cosmic scale.

Now 10 years later…….

The world has changed. So have I. I hope you have too.

And in the spirit of no longer being in academia, I revel in the fact that it is OK to start a sentence with the word “and” and can create what I wish.

And in the spirit of being a good adaptable humanoid and knowing that the world has changed, the way web pages are seen and viewed has changed, that printing press is getting it truest test, and that the future of the planet (young adults) spend way too much time looking at screens and not at newspapers – this means I must also change with the times and offer something a little different.

I am not Einstein, nor Goodall, definitely not Suzuki and far from Wilson, but this Scientuitive thinker is incredibly excited about the new site and what is coming up…….hope you will be too!

I’ll be making more formal introduction to the new concept: The Human Groove: Curate You,  soon.

Thanks for reading, Irene.