We’ve been captivated by the mind-body industry. It’s marketing. The promises. The pretty faces. The hip clothing lines and exotic retreat centres that draw us away from the daily grind so we can find inner peace and heal a lifetime of stuff in just ten days or less.

Yes, I am generalizing a little here but it’s all bullshit if you ask me.

This portrayal of beauty and light isn’t the path to true human healing from what I, my colleagues, and my clients have experienced.

We’ve been brainwashed to think that deep healing can occur by repeating a personal mantra that we need to pay for or filling up a forest’s worth of pretty journals with our favourite pen, alongside our perfect cup of designer herbal detox tea — all while Instagramming it up with stylish filters so we get the “like” validation that we’re doing a good job. < THIS, is not helping us. It’s delusional.

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