I want to share with you what my clients are calling THE Master Key to….

  • finally feeling sane,

  • trusting their bodies for the first time EVER 

  • realizing that they’re NOT broken… and that their bodies have the capacity to heal.


Because that’s where it all starts.

Most of us go through life, dealing with one (or more) of the following…

  • Chronic pains & illnesses

  • Habits & patterns that drive you (and the people in your life) crazy

  • Mental roadblocks, fears, and resistance that paralyze you from doing what you know (deep down) you’re meant to do

  • Fatigue & foggy headedness

  • Digestive & immune system troubles

  • Emotional symptoms, like depression, anxiety & stress…

If any of that sounds familiar, maybe you’ve already tried to find relief through different methods, modalities, medications and more.

But if you’re here, reading this page, I’m willing to bet that none of it has worked.

(Or maybe it worked temporarily, but you still don’t feel 100%.)

The truth is – whatever you’re working on, whatever you’re trying improve or heal –

…it’s ALL directly influenced by how healthy your nervous system is.

Your nervous systems governs everything – your cells, your blood vessels, your immune system, your endocrine system, your muscular system, your digestive system, your brain and brain signalling pathways … everything!

It’s the magic potion that can clean, polish and spruce up all things stinky, old, grimy and in need of desperate help. And when used correctly, it can take you from zero to one hundred mighty fast.

The only problem is –

most of us are trying to heal ourselves and “fix our problems” without FIRST taking care of our nervous system.

Which means all that work we’re doing won’t be able to give us true, lasting change & relief.

That’s why it’s time for YOU to tune up your nervous system.




Accept your good, bad and ugly emotions without judgement or that nasty toxic shame. Learn how to express emotions like anger and frustration in a healthy way.


Sleep soundly at night like a healthy happy baby. And wake up feeling fully rested!


Get fast-acting tools for immediate stress relief so you can file away those sudden bouts of anxiety, panic and worry like they’re going out of style.


Rather than taking your usual four weeks or more to recover from that pesky common cold, you bounce back fast within a day or two. And instead of being forever frustrated with your body’s repair system – you praise it every time you get sick because you can feel it act on dime helping you stay sharp and on your toes.


Experience a digestive system that digests food properly so you can poop with ease and stop your funky cycle of constipation/diarrhea. (Yes, I bring this up because it’s more common than folks care to admit!)


A tuned up nervous system is like teflon for stress. When you learn how to repel stress in a heartbeat, you don’t waste your energy stores keeping it inside of you. This means that all those things you never get to do because you are always so darn tired.. well, you finally get to do them!

Plus, the most important one:


After the program, I find that I am able to create more moments of engagement with the world. For example, I pick up a book and I’m really able to soak up every word. I love connecting to the environment and not just to my own internal landscape.

This program was such a great start for me and now, I want more. I can’t wait to establish a daily practice to support this learning and discover even more ways to integrate it into my everyday life.

Maureen Shea



The 21 day nervous system tune-up is a self-study virtual training program that blends cutting edge neuroscience with crafty sensory awareness movement lessons – all designed to spark up your nervous system powers and unlock your most remarkable self!

The course starts the moment you sign up.

Then, for 21 days you’ll get an email every day that includes one of the following:

Easy-to-follow audio exercises for practicing do-it-yourself neurofeedback.

Vital nervous system science via my signature video training series “The Biology of Stress.”

Juicy tidbits and hand-picked resources to keep your newly formed connections firing towards healthier habits.


“Irene is the real deal! She has discovered a way to have your body de-stress so much that you no longer remember what it’s like to have fear, anxiety or resistance. Irene’s work is an absolute must if you want to reach your ultimate potential. She gets my highest recommendation.”

– Bill Baren, CEO & Founder of Bill Baren Coaching. Oakland, California.

The biggest shift for me is being far less triggered by everyday events and feeling A LOT calmer. I feel more in touch with my body than I ever did and I’m able to relax more and sleep better. The orientation method that Irene taught us in the program has helped immensely.I enjoyed every single lesson and exercises in the program and although I know that I still have work to do, this has been an amazing start. The 21 Day program has been MORE than worth it for me.

– Manal Treakle

“Irene’s program gave me the tools to rebalance my nervous system, and to understand that my childhood experiences impacted my nervous system development and kept me locked in unhealthy patterns. I continue to utilize the tools to reset my nervous system daily, which makes me feel calmer, safer, and gives me more self-connection and confidence. I love it! These are life/body/emotional skills that everyone should have growing up (or to recover from growing up)!”

– CrisMarie Campbell, Speaker & Management Consultant at Thrive! Inc. Whitefish, MT


  • Shutting down in times of stress is your default and being emotionally numb you know all too well. You find it difficult to express any solid full-scale emotions like joy, anger or sadness. And sometimes you think your DNA doesn’t have the “express yourself” gene. (You’ve even tried hitting pillows and screaming in the shower – it feels good for a while, but the gremlins always seem to return.)

  • You’ve stumped your doctor, acupuncturist and therapist and the most they do is prescribe “less stress” and “take it easy” – or, maybe “try this specialist” or “this pill.”

  • No matter what you do you feel tethered to a massive rock and right now hiding under it seems like the best possible solution.

  • You say stuff you know you shouldn’t be saying, but before you know it cruel and hurtful words are flying out of your mouth attacking those you love the most, like your children or partner.

  • You’ve got mindfulness ADHD. Whenever you head to your meditation class you lack focus and you can’t calm your mind to save your life.

  • Forgiveness, compassion, and meditation have been your GO-TO to religion, BUT, you still seem to seethe inside with hot lava-like anger that can (and often does) burst out of you like an erupting volcano when you least expect it.

  • Harmful habits and addictions hijack you. They also cause you unnecessary obsession, heartache, self-hatred and shame, but you do them because they are the only way you know how to feel any sense of control, safety and security. (BTW: These habits don’t have to be crack-cocaine…. um, how about exercise or being obsessed with food as some more commonly accepted types of addictions?)

  • You’re constantly trying out holistic practitioner, after woo-woo professional after transformational coach to get to the bottom of why you’re still a certified hot mess. (Because even though you’ve made some progress, something still ain’t right. Am I Right?)

So what gives?

Why is it so tough to get on top of these pesky things?

My guess is that no one has ever taught you how your nervous system really works, nor have they given you the tools to work with it in a very smart way. You see, for things to really shift, you need a combo of both.

I’ve got you covered because this IS my specialty!


“I have done lots of other therapies including yoga, but this material really gave me a new level of self awareness and body awareness. I now sleep better, have less back pain and headaches, understand how I hold stress in my body, and practice tools that gently release tension throughout my day. It is so worth it so invest in yourself and learn advanced self-care skills.”

– Shaina Loos, Massage Therapist. Vancouver, B.C.

I’ve been searching for support around traumatic release and healing so the 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up came into my life at a good time. The Power of Orienting was extremely practical and has been useful in many settings. The blend of practical exercises, freedom to find what works for you and the Feldenkrais work, has made this program helpful on my journey.

– Ryan Pettit


Hi. I’m Irene Lyon.

For the past 10 years, I’ve helped everyone from Olympic athletes, to wheelchair-bound basketball players, to folks suffering from severe PTSD, to big-deal executives, to online stars.

I’ve seen my clients miraculously improve from back pain, knee pain, chronic pain, fear of public speaking, digestive issues, severe depression, anxiety, developmental trauma, shock trauma, ritual abuse, strokes, and head injuries. (Yet another short list!)

The best part? When they discover how working with this one system (the nervous system) leads to everything falling into place — their entire lives change for the better.

Because this precious little system of ours never gets the time of day (until it’s seriously out of whack) I believe everyone benefits when they discover how their insides tick from a nervous system perspective.

My clients have told me that the science they’ve learned and the simple exercises they’ve practiced in this course have changed their lives dramatically. Some have said it has given them back “that spark for life.”

This 21 day tune-up was created because I want everyone to become educated and know how to practice the basics when it comes to nervous system health.

After all, your nervous system is THE foundational system that runs the whole show; you can live without a kidney and even parts of your brain, you can survive without your thyroid, but you can’t be alive and functioning without your nervous system.

I know in my guts that the more this knowledge is spread and practiced, the healthier our planet will get. It’s a win-win.


“Each person needs to study themselves – this course is a wonderful guide to help us do that. Irene has a wonderful voice, pacing, and manner of speaking that makes the audio lessons easy to follow and comforting. The exercises we covered expanded the sophistication of my approach to continued self-understanding and self-maintenance.”

– Mark Fan, Engineer & Researcher/ Toronto, Canada.


Now, I want to be honest with you.

I’ve seen so many people jump into modalities and techniques (everything from challenging yoga classes to advanced brain training games).

But their internal chemistry (their stress physiology) is so on fire, they’re not really benefitting from the practice. They get frustrated and wonder why they’re not improving. Or they get centered and present during the class – but aren’t able to sustain that balance and awareness in all areas of their life.

That’s because you have to start with the foundation.

The thing is – healing & nurturing a healthy nervous sytem is an ongoing process, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

During your 21 days in this tune-up, you will lay essential groundwork, so that more sophisticated nervous system regulation & deep healing can take place down the road.

You will begin to understand how your system works.

There’s a myth out there – that we don’t need to understand how our insides work. We just need to DO the techniques and exercises.

Based on my own observations, though, when a person understands the theory, it actually speeds up the healing process. And their healing is exponential.

In the 21-Day Tune-Up, you’ll learn the science behind everything I’m telling you to do, so you can understand how and why it helps your system.

You will get practical tools & techniques you can apply in your everyday life.

In order to truly heal your nervous system, this needs to become a lifestyle – not a quick fix.

That’s why I’ve filled the Tune-Up with simple, practical exercises and tools you can use anywhere, at any time.

This will help you develop a built-in practice, right at your fingertips… so you can tap into your entire system, relax naturally, and get present, centered & grounded – even when you’re not sitting in a mind-body class or at your therapist’s office.

Since taking the Tune-Up, I am WAY less affected by others and their ‘stuff’ because I feel so much more regulated. I am also much more mindful about what I need to do to look after myself. One of my favourite exercises was The Power of Orienting because I loved being quiet in the stillness and observing what was all around me that I, quite often, take for granted.”

– Deb Hillary

I’ve studied or experienced what feels like virtually every therapy, energy healing modality and body work available and I’m shocked that I’m only now learning this particular piece of work. It’s extremely foundational and I can’t wait to experience more of it personally and integrate some pieces into the birth trauma healing work I do professionally.

The Tune-Up made me realize I’ve been living up in my head because it felt SO unsafe to BE in my body. I don’t think I realized how much I avoid really getting into and feeling my body before I did this program. It feels like there is so much trauma stored in my body that it’s scary to really feel into the sensations, so I’ve been avoiding it at all costs.

Now, I am orienting as many times as I can during the day to become aware of what’s happening in my body and in the environment around me. I’m following my impulses more so when I need to sleep, eat, drink, go outside, etc., I find myself listening and acting upon those nudges. I’m also finding my potent posture when I’m standing.

– Crystal DiDomizio



When my clients learn about their biology – and like really learn, from the inside out – something special happens. Stress melts off of them without thinking about it.

No deep meditations or medications required.

It’s kind of like magic how this works.

A Biology of Stress Education will help you…

  • Immediately release your stress responses into good-for-you-medicine.

  • Wash off toxic emotions instantly so they don’t wreak havoc on your body and mental state.

  • See that your crazy traumatic past isn’t a life sentence and that you aren’t broken forever.


In this Video Training Series you’ll learn…

  • What trauma actually is & why time doesn’t heal it.

  • Why surges of emotion are really just body sensations that we’re suppose to feel – and what to do when you get hit by a wave of anger, disgust, sadness or joy.

  • The keys to healing chronic illness & pain. (This deals with the fine balance for tissue repair, cell regeneration and immune boosting power.)

  • The difference between your fight, flight and freeze responses, why they are super important – and how to work with them so they don’t trap you into a corner.

  • Why our wild animal friends (think: gazelles and zebras) don’t end up with post-traumatic stress, even when they are chased and hunted on a daily basis by cheetahs and cougars!

  • The importance of building a healthy vagus nerve – no matter how old you are.

  • Why affirmantras aren’t enough. (AKA: Why safety must be built via the body, not just via our speech.)

  • My “Bike Analogy” to explain trauma-first aid and how to take care of yourself when you have an accident.

  • Why doing cleanses & improving your diet (like going organic and “clean”) is still just a very small piece of the picture.


You’ll get six fundamental lessons that blend cutting edge neuroscience with crafty sensory awareness movement meditations designed to spark up your nervous system powers.


  • Lesson #1: The Power of Orienting

Reset your stress levels in seconds by learning how to pause, slow down and look around. (This exercise is so ridiculously simple, you’ll be able to use it anytime you start to feel stressed – no matter where you are!)

  • Lesson 2: Following Your Impulse

If you find it hard to trust your intuition and lead with your gut, then this simple practice will knock your socks off. It’s time to get back to your body’s most basic impulses.

  • Lesson #3: Finding Your Potent Posture

This handy little exercise will give you a whole new way of improving your posture that’s functional, dynamic and I dare say… a little unusual. Plus, you’ll discover what babies can teach you and why their learning process is sharp and smart.

  • Lesson #4: Balancing Your Back

Muscular tension and overall body stiffness is a nasty by-product of too much sitting in one place, not a lot of varied movement in day-to-day life, and quite frankly, not enough active play out in nature.

This gentle exercise will be the equivalent to taking a movement meditation vacation for your entire spine and also your mind. It’ll help iron out the kinks and melt away tensions

  • Lesson #5: Tense & Relax

Mindfulness training and meditation is hot stuff these days, yet so many people struggle with it.

With some clever guidance and learning how go INTO the tension, this exercise will teach you how to feel the tension as a way to release it.

The result when you do this: MORE RELAXATION.

  • Lesson #6: Finding the Painful and the Pleasant

Imagine using pain as the catalyst for opening up more space in your body and mind. In this final lesson, you’ll be introduced to this rather different, yet highly effective concept.

Pain is a signal that something is blocked in the body. By going into your pain, befriending it and getting to know it, it can give you some important clues for making some massive 360 degree shifts.




When you sign-up you’ll get an invitation to join the “21-Day Nervous System Secret Facebook Group.” Throughout the 21 days I’ll encourage you to share your experiences in this secret group so you can get support and encouragement and share in the camaraderie of the group.


After the 21-days is over you will not be left in the lurch. You’ll get FOUR practice tip videos to help you implement what you’ve learned into your day-to-day life. Remember, practice makes progress.


As luck would have it my husband Seth just happens to be a music composer and when I was having trouble sleeping a few years back he composed a beautiful piece for me specifically geared towards calming my nervous system. My gift to you!


  • Health goes from Mediocre to Incredible…

  • Relationships transform from Toxic to Remarkable…

  • Brain power shifts from Sluggish to Sharp…

  • Burnt Out, Stressed Out & Overwhelmed becomes a Dark Old Memory of the past…

  • Success becomes a sustainable and balanced part of your life…

  • And acceptance of yourself, your emotions and all your quirks becomes the norm.

“This course has left me so much more empowered to make changes in my life and handle stress than years of meditation. Irene has found the perfect blend of do-able, helpful and interesting lessons that will appeal to people very new to body work as well as people who have been doing body practices for awhile. Irene has the unique gift to blend the science and the practice into a course that feeds your mind, body and spirit. I was really blown away.”

– Jo Ilfeld, Ph.D., Executive Leadership Coach. Berkeley, CA.






“TAKE THIS COURSE!! Before Irene’s course, I hadn’t been paying attention to my body’s cues. After the first day, my relationship to stress was permanently altered. Such a powerful start – giving me information I needed to see how I was holding stress IN my body instead of noticing it, tuning in, and using it to my advantage. I began to feel more “myself” when I would tune in and let go of tension in my body. Her genuine care for those she helps is totally present in her voice. I can’t think of a more powerful thing you can do for yourself for such a low investment.”

– Amy MacClain of “Bullet Proof Kids”, Oakland, California.


Most other programs and modalities out there only cover one or a few slices of the pie. Most completely miss the nervous system altogether.

They never stop to ask, “Is this human organism feeling safe right now in its environment and body?”
So if your other programs have never talked to you about the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response – or most importantly, they’ve never taught you how to WORK with those survival mechanisms (to change them or disarm them) – then that’s probably why you’re still stuck

The 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up is your starter course to uncovering all of this.

To be completely honest, there is no other course in the world that I’m aware of that gives you this material, with practical application & a growing community – so you can begin to heal for real.

On the days that you have an active piece of course content (there are 12 of those days in total) you can expect to spend about 20-30 minutes reading the emails and course content, watching a video or practicing an audio exercise. Of course, everyone reads at different rates, so I’m estimating here.

The final Biology of Stress Training Video is a little longer, ~40 minutes. This final video it kind of like the grand finale of the five and to cut it up into two chunks just wouldn’t work for this material. By then, my bet is that watching a 40 minutes training video will just feel like your favourite Netflix show and the time will go by very fast! Of course, you can also pause the videos and break them up into your own bite-sized viewing pieces.

On the days that you DO NOT have a fresh new piece of content, I offer up resources for you to check out so you have something to reflect on, and I also allow this time for any catch-up or repetition of the previous video trainings and audio exercises.

This is so individual. But what tends to be the most common side-effects for people when they watch and learn what is within the video trainings is a greater understanding of how their body actually works in times of stress and rest, and for many it gives them an aha moment of “so that’s why that happens!”

Here is a great piece that one past participant shared with me:

“I have always felt there was something wrong with me and could never put a finger on what “it” was until I watched the video. Now that I understand what happened I have much more compassion and acceptance for myself, and for my parents. And I feel so hopeful knowing that this “damage” can be healed through the tools we have learned in this class – orienting, learning how to accept and feel my feelings, and knowing how to expand my system’s capacity to handle/process stress. I truly believe that this has been the missing key for me – I can feel it every fiber of my being.” – Julie. Reiki Master. Madison, WI.

The after effects of the practical lessons and the audio exercises range from greater calm to instant stress relief and more energy and alertness, even a renewed sense of purpose and zest for life.

It really depends on where your starting point is.

Here’s some interesting shifts from another participant:

“After going through Irene’s program I started to crave healthier foods and actually gave up my chip addiction. I used to eat chips every night and now I will have them if I REALLY want them, but for the most part not craving them as much. I also noticed more tone in my muscles which is weird, because I am not doing anything that different in my exercise routine. The other awesome side effect is strengthening my ability to not take on other’s people’s crap.” – Lisa Cheston. Personal Stylist at Style Divine. Vancouver, BC.

YES. When you sign up for this course you’ll be invited into our secret Facebook group. I LOVE this private Facebook page because it’s a very easy way for people to read how others are doing, ask for help and support others in their journey. I’ve been blown away by the camaraderie in past groups I’ve had the fortune of moderating and I know this group will be a stellar one too!
YES. All the video trainings and audio exercises are downloadable. I actually recommend downloading the audio exercises to your iPod or phone so you have access to them wherever you are. The materials are yours to keep. If we have to do maintenance on our site, or take down a webpage, we will notify you so you can make sure you download all the materials in due time.


Got questions I haven’t answered yet? Ask away.

Write support@irenelyon.com and myself or my team will help you out.

Our business hours are M-F 10am-5pm PST and we do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.






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