7 Steps to De-Stress

Our society today is not designed to support a low-stress life.

In fact, our world rewards “success” which often translates into presenting a confident public face while tamping down stresses and fears, pushing through physical exhaustion to achieve, and ignoring our body’s stress signals so we can keep “going” and “doing.”  

Sound familiar?  

While it may help us succeed in the short-term, these habits over the long-term ultimately will make us fail – in our health, relationships, work-life, and frankly, in living the life that we desire and deserve.  

The stark truth is that stress can kill us. But it doesn’t have to.  

7 Steps to Destress

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How to De-stress in 7 steps


The real reason burnout and chronic fatigue occurs and what you must do to recover, or steer clear away from it.

Why your body and your organs are the secret sauce for sharp, instinctual decision-making and endless creativity.

Why suppressing uncomfortable emotions and negative thinking is toxic and will keep you stuck in one place. 

The root cause of most pesky health issues that don’t resolve with traditional and alternative healing practices.


Irene Lyon