Important information:

This group is a place for learning about the nervous system and the critical role it plays in healing and the ability to live a fulfilling life. This group is NOT a substitute for medical advice and/or somatic therapeutic work.

We cannot advise you on medical treatment for various illnesses. We can and will educate you on the physiology behind these illnesses from a nervous system perspective.

Please note all communication is subject to our terms and privacy policy.

Guidelines for the Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Group


If you’re here to learn about the nervous system and how it impacts your health and your life AND hang out with others who want to do the same then you’re in the right place.

We are ALL wired to heal and live full creative lives. And doing so takes know-how and practice. This is what we do here. The HNSR (Healthy Nervous System Revolution) Facebook group has been touted as one of THE safest and most helpful social media communities out there to learn about nervous system health, trauma and how it impacts human physiology.  

This group was created by Irene Lyon, a nervous system specialist who teaches people how to heal by learning to rewire the nervous system – an approach that creates lasting results, often where other things haven’t worked.

Irene created a popular library of articles and videos on healing trauma, as well as the pioneering SmartBody SmartMind™ and the 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up online programs and Up & Down live movement workshop that she teaches worldwide.

Irene works with Team Lyon a highly skilled group of folks with a range of nervous system expertise, to answer questions and moderate this group.

The way we do this is by having clear guidelines AND we stick to them.

If you do not follow them, your comments will be deleted and you may be removed from the group. So please read them now, and I also ask you to watch this short video that gives you an introduction to me and my work.

PLEASE, hold the intention that everyone here has the capacity to heal, so we can move through surviving and towards thriving.
  1. Do NOT solicit any one in this group or ask to PM a group member under any circumstances. If you wish to connect further with someone privately just send them a friend request and then if they accept you can PM to your heart’s delight.
  2. Please steer clear of commenting about politics, religion, race and other heated/controversial subjects. Comments of this nature will be removed. If comments on an approved topic become more debate than education-focused, the post may also be removed.
  3. Take a moment to THINK and FEEL before you comment. Ensure your comment is coming from a place of empathy and humanity, please do not offer pity.
  4. DO NOT use this forum as a way to sell your own personal products and/or services. This includes Somatic Experiencing and Feldenkrais colleagues. Members of my team may post about their work from time to time.
  5. WHAT IS OK TO SHARE: If you have information that you’d like to share because something, or someone, has helped you by all means, share your experience and how it helped YOU but do not assume it’ll be the right method for another person who has a similar problem/illness etc. If you do share a blog post or video from a source that isn’t via myself, or my pool of colleagues, please ensure you have read through the post and that it is coming from a reputable source.
  6. Please do NOT post advice on dietary recommendations or nutrition. Yes, it has helped many people and yet the effectiveness of dietary and nutritional advice is highly individual. Remember, the focus of this group is nervous system education.
  7. Maintaining the quality of the nervous system information in this group is a TOP priority. For this reason, information posted in comments from sources not recognized by members of Team Lyon as well as links to “quick fix” tips, infographics, and crowdsourcing campaigns will be removed.
  8. If Irene or a member of Team Lyon sees something that we fully disagree with, or that we know is contraindicated or harmful when working with healing trauma and the like (or that can be risky), we will offer a *strong* cautionary note, and/or delete.

What This Group Is For

  1. To educate on the importance of nervous system health and its role in healing trauma and to spark up conversation and curiosity on these topics.
  2. Irene invests much of her time into providing free education and resources (including this group), and she also uses this group to share about her free and paid resources, programs and live workshops/events.
  3. Irene will, from time to time, pop into this space to offer wisdom on staying in the present moment and staying biologically embodied. (No deep breathing or meditation here ?)
  4. Irene and Team Lyon will share articles, TED talks, videos, and other materials related to healing/health of the nervous system.

Important reminder folks!

ALL conversations, communications and comments between members, myself and my staff . . . as well as my written word explaining concepts are to STAY IN THIS GROUP. This supports safety and helps ensures comments and materials are not taken out of context.

The ONLY TIME it is permitted to copy and paste a passage is when I, or my staff of moderators, have explicitly given you permission to copy share content/text around a particular video or article that is being shared for educational purposes.

Thanks for your understanding here.

Irene Lyon and Team Lyon.

Want More?

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