Guidelines for the Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Page

This is a FREE Facebook Community for discussion and basic support around Healing Trauma and Nervous System Healing and Health.

This is an amazing and fast-growing Facebook Community that’s safe and supportive and we want to keep it this way, which means we’ve implemented some rules and regulations.

And, we stick to them.

Key People in This Group

Irene Lyon, Principle of and Creator of this group. Also the founder of Smart Body Smart Mind Online (formerly NEW inner game), Smart Body Smart Mind LIVE! (formerly NEW inner game LIVE!) and The 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up.

Seth Lyon, My Second-In Command & Comment Moderator (visit Seth’s site)

Mark Read-Smith, Comment Moderator (visit Mark’s site)

Nicole Lohse,  Comment Moderator (visit Nicole’s site)

Janice Castelbaum, Comment Moderator (visit Janice’s site)

Francesca Redden, Comment Moderator (visit Fran’s site)

Carissa Rodgers, Comment Moderator (visit Carissa’s site)

D’Arcy McLeish, Comment Moderator

Crystal McLeod, Customer Support & Spam-Free Helper

To make the most of your time here, and to help you understand the ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s’, take five minutes to read the following guidelines and to also watch the nine-minute video.

What This Group Is For

1 – I started this group to spark up curiosity, conversation and to educate on the importance of nervous system health, healing trauma and neuroplasticity. We keep the conversations away from politics, religion, race and other heated/controversial subjects that can hijack our learning.

2 – As this is my baby and my creation, I will use this space to let you know about my free training resources and materials that I produce on a weekly basis (Facebook Livestreams; vlogs; blogs; webinars; etc.)

3 – I will, from time to time, pop into this space to offer wisdom on staying in the present moment and staying biologically embodied.
(No deep breathing or meditation here 🙂

4 – I will post articles, TED talks and other materials related to healing/health of the nervous system.

5 – This work is my livelihood. I run paid online programs and maintain a small private practice with clients, which means that while I want this group to be predominantly for education, sharing and discussion, from time to time, I will let you know about my paid online programs, live events and graduate mentoring programs.

Now, The Rules

A) When commenting on people’s comments, please THINK before you comment. Even FEEL before you comment. Ensure your comment is coming from a place of empathy and humanity. No need to offer pity or sympathy for people’s struggles and troubles, we all have them – but empathy is the most important essence here.

B) I’m all for people sharing ideas, experiences and tips and tools that have helped them heal and become healthier in body, mind, soul and nervous system, but please DO NOT use this forum as a way to sell your own personal products and/or services unless you’ve received explicit permission from myself, Irene Lyon.

C) Even if you are a practitioner in my fields of Somatic Experiencing and/or Feldenkrais and consider yourself a colleague, unless we have had a personal dialogue and I’ve given you the green light to promote your services and/or products and what you do here in this forum, please do not or I will delete your comments.

D) WHAT IS OK TO SHARE: If you have information that you’d like to share because something, or someone, has helped you — by all means, share your experience and how it helped YOU — but do not assume it’ll be the right method for another person who has a similar problem/illness etc. If you do share a blog post or video from a source that isn’t via myself, or my pool of colleagues, please ensure you have read through the post and that it is coming from a reputable source.

E) Please do NOT post advice on dietary recommendations or nutrition. We know that you may have found some dietary or nutritional approach that was supportive for you, but the effectiveness of dietary advice and nutrition is highly individual and is also not what we are focused on in this group devoted to nervous system healing.

F) If I see something that I fully disagree with, or that I know is contraindicated or harmful when working with healing trauma and the like (or that can be risky), I will offer a *strong* cautionary note, and/or I’ll delete. I’ve been around the block a few times in the healing world and while I do have a very open mind and use many other practices myself (even esoteric ones), I reserve the right to make a strict mama bear call if I’m opposed to something. Again, please steer clear of posting about politics, religion, race and other heated/controversial subjects

G) Please do NOT ask people to PM (private message) you for “more information.” If you do this, me and my team WILL delete that comment and if you continue to do this, you’ll be removed and blocked from this group.

H) PLEASE, hold the intention that everyone here has the capacity to heal, so we can move pass surviving and go towards thriving.

Irene Lyon XO.
Somatic Experiencing & Feldenkrais Practitioner.
Masters in Health & Biomedical Science

Want More?

I’ve got A LOT of free stuff.

Browse my educational materials, interviews and audio downloads at your leisure over HERE.

Here’s some basics to get your started:

1 – 7-Steps to De-Stress Mini E-Book (sign-up required)

2 – An Audio Version of The 7 Steps to De-Stress Exercise (no sign-up required)

In my 20 years of experience, when it comes to nervous system healing and health, practice without context doesn’t work so well so I urge you to sign-up for this mini e-book – this is one of those cases where ‘practice alone’ isn’t enough.

Other Place You Can Connect and Learn More

1 – I’ve got lots of info-rich videos over on my YouTube Channel.

2 – Smaller snippets of my daily life, musings & InstaStories over on Instagram.

3 – Longer form essays on Medium.

4 – Quickies on Twitter.

5 – Audio Exercises + Interviews via Soundcloud.




This group is not a replacement for medical advice and/or somatic therapeutic work you’d get from an individual trained in these domains (general medicine; medical specialities; approved somatic therapies such as Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Hakomi, just to name a few.)

While I understand this might seem paradoxical because you may very well be here because the general medical community and/or other alternative forms of mind-body medicine have let you down in finding your best health and/or recover from chronic illness, it’s important to understand that this group is for DISCUSSION and not treatment.