Healing Trauma Video Series with Irene Lyon

Healing Trauma : A Free, 3-Part Video Training for Anyone Who Wants to Learn About Healing Trauma 

Are you, or your clients, still stuck -- despite all of your mind/body tools and mindset strategies? Discover the intricacies of healing trauma from a biological perspective.

In this FREE, 3-part video training, you'll receive:  

  • World-class education on trauma, the nervous system and why many people live for decades without a diagnosis.
  • Insight into why you’re still stuck, sick and suffering -- even though you might show up 100% and follow everything you are taught impeccably.
  • The 7 ways to become your own medicine that you can put into practice right away (HINT: This will get you started on the path of becoming your own guru!)
  • The 5 pillars for rewiring the nervous system (tapping into the positive side of neuroplasticity).
  • The importance of building foundations in the body system BEFORE embarking on advanced mindfulness, mind-body and somatic therapies.