If you’re BRAND new here and interested in healing at the deepest level possible, your nervous system, then you are in the right place!

I’ve helped thousands of folks from 60+ countries learn the language of their nervous system so they can become their own medicine and heal trauma.

I will be the first to admit: This is NOT a quick fix, ? but an Essential Lifestyle Choice.

If you’d like to give this new way of living, healing, and being a serious try, then start with my Free Resources and then begin with one of my paid Online Offerings.

Why the nervous system?

The nervous system is kaleidoscopic by design.

Said another way: it is not just one system doing one thing. It is complex and intricate.

The nervous system:

  • Is the transportation system that bridges and connects ALL functional parts of our internal human system (digestion, immunity, hormones, temperature, blood pressure, breathing, sensation, movement, and much more).
  • Encourages (or discourages) us from connecting to our environment. Not just nature and the world we live in, but other humans, animals, kids.
  • Enables us to tap into our ‘6th’ sense – that gut, or as some might call it, our ‘spidey’ sense, that keeps us out of harm’s way. It helps us make decisions that are right for us.
I don’t say this lightly but

Working with your nervous system has the potential to bring profound healing and change to your life.

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Healing Trauma Video Series

My free three-part Healing Trauma video training is where I recommend you start. It’ll give you that ‘birds eye view’ of what all this is about

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Self-study online course

21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up

When you’re ready to roll up your nervous system sleeves up + start with the practical work then I suggest my self-study starter course, The 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up

or if you’re not ready to invest yet

First Check out this video

If your wanting to continue on your nervous system journey but you are unable invest in one of my courses yet, no need to delay, you can continue learning with all of the free resources I’ve created.

Check out this video I made for folk who aren’t able to invest in the 21Day Tune Up just yet.

Free Resources

Non-dumbed-down education is the first step to restoring nervous system health. On my website, there is a whole load of free ebooks, audio samplers, trainings and webinar recordings. My free resources include a mix of theory and practice.

Online Drop-In Classes

Drop In Class

Join me live or purchase a replay of one of my Drop In Classes for just $19. These drop-in online classes focus on learning how to naturally let go of stress and tension – all via the lens of the body-mind-environment connection.

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Learn more about me, my credentials, and who my team is

I strongly encourage you do this, so you learn my story, what I’m trained in, who my mentors are, and how I can help. But, in a nutshell, I am the real deal and have been in training & practice for 20+ years!


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12 week group program

SmartBody SmartMind

SmartBody SmartMind is my flagship group program that focus is to restore nervous system regulation through polyvagal-informed education, practical neurosensory exercises, and interactive support.
Registration opens once or twice a year. Click through to learn more and get on the wait list

To your nervous
system health


Irene Lyon