Application is ONLY for SmartBody SmartMind alumni who have successfully completed the entire program curriculum (ten labs & training calls)






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Being with

We’re proud to announce that during this Fall 2022 we will be offering a beta training module exclusively for SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) alumni who want to continue their studies of nervous system health and regulation for the purpose of bringing this work into their existing scope of practice.

This will be a unique opportunity to

Build greater somatic and nervous system capacity.

Work in a group environment to enhance communication skills of foundational nervous system health topics.

Develop a level of competency to educate and teach the principles and practical applications, respectively, around: orienting, resourcing, following impulse, breath, and potent posture, within your own professional scope of practice.

Part of the intention for creating this beta module is to help us (Irene & Team Lyon) develop a curriculum that will inform a wider series of modules that will create the Scientuitive Educator (SED) program.

In this future SED program, participants will have the opportunity to develop greater personal regulation and demonstrate a level of competence to educate and facilitate practical application of SmartBody Smartmind™ (SBSM) principles. Those who successfully demonstrate competencies outlined in this future SED program could then meet the requirements to apply for a future Scientuitive Practitioner Training (SPT), should they be interested.

*Note: The Scientuitive Educator (SED) program and Scientuitive Practitioner Training (SPT) are currently in development and may be offered as conditions for a successful program experience continue to come into alignment. At the moment there is no firm commitment that a full SED program or SPT will take place. Though it is our hope that SED may be offered late 2023 and SPT may be offered within the next two years.

Who is this for

This Scientuitive Educator Beta Module will only be open to those who have successfully completed all Labs and Training Calls within SmartBody SmartMind before the application submission date. This is meant to be an exploration beyond SBSM, targeting those who are interested in bringing foundational principles and practices, namely orienting, resourcing, following impulse, breath, and potent posture into their scope of practice. Students will also learn how to use these tools with others while building greater nervous system and somatic capacity within themselves.

What the beta module will involve

7 weeks of training, learning, connection, integration, and practicums with Irene Lyon and peers in the beta module cohort.

Six live classes once a week with Irene Lyon (live attendance is mandatory).

Training and education on:
Teaching nervous system health and regulation while monitoring one’s own internal state (interoception) and regulation.

Facilitating guided mini-sessions (practicum) for peers and Irene Lyon that incorporate the principles and practices of Orienting, Resourcing, Following Your Impulse, Breath, and Potent Posture.

A variety of assignments each week (reading; writing; fieldwork).

Mentorship and Q&A with Irene directly.

Resources to guide your learning and practice.

Peer-to-peer support (social platform to use is TBD).

Online live interactive practice time with peers.

Learning about Ethics and what considerations might be involved when working with others.

Note: There is no formal certification upon completion of this beta module. However, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining competencies met and total number of hours.


7 weeks from October 3 to November 20, 2022

6 weekly virtual classes taught by Irene Lyon that will take place on Mondays at 10am PST/1pm EST.

Please note these are mandatory live classes and there is one week of integration/practicum (live classes will be recorded for future reference and self-study).


$797 USD or 3 Payments of $279 USD

*Please note: To ensure commitment to oneself and to the group, no refunds will be offered. For cancellations that are based on qualified emergencies, exemptions do apply.

**Please be aware, those who participate in this beta module will be offered a discount ($797 USD) towards participation in a potential full SED program offering.

How to Apply

As there are limited spots available for this beta module, we ask that potential students fill out the survey application questions by clicking the link below by end of day Wednesday, June 1, 2022. We will review the applications and contact you by the end of June to inform you if you have been accepted into the module and process payment at that time.

Click here to apply for the Scientuitive Educator Beta Module

Note: We will no longer be accepting applications after June 1st, 2022.

Register for a live Information Session with Irene

MAY 18, 10:00 AM PT

Irene will also facilitate an Information Session via Zoom on May 18 at 10:00 am Pacific Time to answer any questions. This will be recorded and posted on this webpage to provide access to those who are unable to make the call.


Scientuitive is a word that Irene thought up circa 2000 when she was deep in her masters of science work, while at the same time healing the orthopaedic injury and surgery that originally led her down the path of Feldenkrais, and then Somatic Experiencing, and the rest is history!

It is meant to denote the coming together of science, our biology, plus the entirety of the human system…along with… our intuition and our innate capacity to heal and be our own medicine.

It marks a union between two ideological beliefs that are often kept apart, but in reality are complementary.