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Three classes

Three neurosensory homework lessons

Three integration assignments

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$77 USD

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(As some of you may know) I’m a big believer in non-dumbed down education when it comes to healing at the nervous system level ...


So let me guide you through the basics of nervous system health.

Homework Details

Of course, you will have homework too! ;)
After we complete the three-day intensive, some items you’ll receive in the months afterwards are:

i. Three audio neurosensory lessons
crafted by yours truly that’ll help you drop-in to the basics of nervous system health.

ii. Three integration assignments
so you can ease the nervous system basics into REAL LIFE. (You'll receive these over July and August dependent on when you purchase)

+ A big THANK YOU from your nervous system and somatic self!! :)

This Summer School Intensive will be perfect for the newbie AND any of my past/present students.

The lessons will consist of nervous system basics such as orienting, following impulse, connecting to the environment, and following breath. Along with specific trauma-informed tools to soothe, settle and enliven the entire self.

Just wanted to personally thank you so much for the great job you did with Summer School. I have been watching and following Irene since about 2018. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, and have been practicing therapy for many years. It's only recently that I became interested in the new trauma treatments, and Irene has helped immensely with both my education and my clients. I realized that though I have been academically learning about trauma and currently taking a certification classes, I personally have not done the practices myself. That is the reason I enrolled in the Summer School. I liked the fact that I could attend the classes live, and that gave me the motivation to do the work, which I believe I really need to do. Staying grounded and living in the moment is extremely challenging but Irene is very inspirational. She is also a wonderful teacher and makes tricky topics like polyvagal theory, understandable. So thank you again, I hope to do more trainings in the future.

Summer School Student

Commit. Show up. Practice. Learn. Heal.

Purchase the June 2021 Summer School replay for $77 USD

Purchase the Replays

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Due to the nature of this online offering, there will be no refunds.