Vancouver, B.C.

Several times per year I get sick, injured or just exhausted. I am then forced to take time off, again and again, and tend to get back to work a little bit before I should. I kept learning the same lesson the hard way and finding "loop holes" to not fully learn it. Luckily during the start of this month, while I was quite sick and recovering, I decided to purchase this course.  

This was an absolute game changer. During these 21 days, it was like a lightbulb going off every single day. A new major realization or break through, while overlapping with the subtle shifts from the day before. I felt my capacity literally growing day by day.  

I feel like I actually know how to take care of myself now. I understand myself more, and because of that I honestly love myself more.  

The way the course and the concepts are laid out is "Just enough". Not too little, not too much, not intimidating, very digestible. Actually pleasurable and I looked forward to it everyday. It really worked for me as someone who goes deep in these exercises in the comfort of my home. I feel I spent too much time in therapy talking and not enough time learning, and maybe I should have asked more questions. But this told me things I didn't even know I needed to know...  

I am so happy to say that I just finished the final day today. I have already recommended it to several friends and truly hope they will do this course as well. For the cost of 2 therapy sessions, I feel like I just took a quantum leap.



Irene’s 21 Day Nervous System Tune Up came to my attention as I was looking for ‘something’ to help with my anxiety and better my knowledge for my clients as I am a Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist and Reiki Master. The 21 Day Tune Up program made me realize that the relationships I had with my caregivers as a child, and going through Breast Cancer at 39, had dysregulated my nervous system.  

The program has shown me how to “feel to heal.” When I first started lots came up that normally I would hold in. It was like a healing crisis. Now I have the tools to deal with what comes up! I have more control of my body not going into a fight/flight or freeze state.  

Irene is the ‘real deal’, her support is impeccable (even with me living in Australia)… If you are looking for a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life, I definitely recommend this program.



Love, love, LOVE this training. I'm doing the Healing Trauma video series AND the 21 Day Tune-Up. Half way through the tune up, and honestly I feel like I've gone from blurry vision to ultra HD.  

I've been exploring spirituality and healing for a while, I've made a lot of progress, BUT Irene's material feels like it's SO much more on point, reliable and trustworthy. Just the facts, the research, no ideological beliefs, just what works.  

Truly. It feels like I've gone from blurry pixelated vision to ultra HD. It's giving me a whole new way to understand myself, that fits with what I've already learned by personal experience, and takes it much much further. I'm beyond excited to continue learning more. I want to take it as far as possible. Already planning on doing the 12 week SmartBody SmartMind training.  

Thank you Irene and everyone who works on this. AMAZING product and information, and I absolutely agree that this is some of the most important work.


Massage Therapist. Vancouver, B.C.

I have done lots of other therapies including yoga, but this material really gave me a new level of self awareness and body awareness. I now sleep better, have less back pain and headaches, understand how I hold stress in my body, and practice tools that gently release tension throughout my day. It is so worth it so invest in yourself and learn advanced self-care skills.


Since taking the Tune-Up, I am WAY less affected by others and their ‘stuff’ because I feel so much more regulated. I am also much more mindful about what I need to do to look after myself. One of my favourite exercises was The Power of Orienting because I loved being quiet in the stillness and observing what was all around me that I, quite often, take for granted.


Engineer & Researcher/ Toronto, Canada.

Each person needs to study themselves – this course is a wonderful guide to help us do that. Irene has a wonderful voice, pacing, and manner of speaking that makes the audio lessons easy to follow and comforting. The exercises we covered expanded the sophistication of my approach to continued self-understanding and self-maintenance.


21 Day Member

I've had my first MAJOR release from freeze! I've been doing the exercises since January, and I woke up from a really good sleep this morning and my body mounted a fight / flight response with no provocation from 'me' or my thoughts. A chunk of nameless, stored historical stuff has appeared: Heightened sensation, a nervousness, arousal and stimulation that feels half good and half bad. I'm just observing it 'do' itself.

The old me would have shut this down and labelled it as 'oh God! I'm losing my marbles again!' I feel like I've arrived at a totally new place.

Keep doing the work folks! It pays off! 


Ph.D., Executive Leadership Coach. Berkeley, CA.

This course has left me so much more empowered to make changes in my life and handle stress than years of meditation. Irene has found the perfect blend of do-able, helpful and interesting lessons that will appeal to people very new to body work as well as people who have been doing body practices for awhile. Irene has the unique gift to blend the science and the practice into a course that feeds your mind, body and spirit. I was really blown away.


“Bullet Proof Kids”, Oakland, California

TAKE THIS COURSE!! Before Irene’s course, I hadn’t been paying attention to my body’s cues. After the first day, my relationship to stress was permanently altered. Such a powerful start – giving me information I needed to see how I was holding stress IN my body instead of noticing it, tuning in, and using it to my advantage. I began to feel more “myself” when I would tune in and let go of tension in my body. Her genuine care for those she helps is totally present in her voice. I can’t think of a more powerful thing you can do for yourself for such a low investment.


The 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up course helped me better understand, What the h*^! .. is going on in my body! A fundamental shift in my life was learning how to follow my impulses, and it has made such a difference to actually now understand the science of my body and stress responses.  

When I can understand what’s going on I can better “be with” my body and its sensations (emotions) and just be present to them, rather than being overwhelmed by them.  

The way Irene taught the complicated science made learning it easy. I enjoyed the entire course and I’m looking forward to learning more and deepening my awareness.

Andrew G


After more than thirty years of seeing counsellors, therapists, qualifying as an NLP practitioner and life coach and spending more than $25,000 in personal development, since I started the 21 Day Nervous System Tune Up, I’m really unlocking myself and freeing myself from my past. I’m already noticing that my stuck states shift much quicker; am more present and confident with people and am noticing that my body is becoming more alive. I’ve started to rediscover my creativity and childlike nature which is a real blessing.  

I’m on my third run through of the program (Once you’ve invested you can repeat it as much as you like) and am still delighted by the quality and quantity of the support in the dedicated Facebook group from Irene’s team; as well as from the other participants. The investment is an absolute bargain. If you’re serious about resolving your issue and this looks like it’s a fit, do it!

Crystal DiDomizio


I’ve studied or experienced what feels like virtually every therapy, energy healing modality and body work available and I’m shocked that I’m only now learning this particular piece of work. It’s extremely foundational and I can’t wait to experience more of it personally and integrate some pieces into the birth trauma healing work I do professionally.  

The Tune-Up made me realize I’ve been living up in my head because it felt SO unsafe to BE in my body. I don’t think I realized how much I avoid really getting into and feeling my body before I did this program. It feels like there is so much trauma stored in my body that it’s scary to really feel into the sensations, so I’ve been avoiding it at all costs.  

Now, I am orienting as many times as I can during the day to become aware of what’s happening in my body and in the environment around me. I’m following my impulses more so when I need to sleep, eat, drink, go outside, etc., I find myself listening and acting upon those nudges. I’m also finding my potent posture when I’m standing.



As a mind-body life coach I suspected my nervous system was somewhat unregulated. Not always, but more often than I’d like, I would get ‘triggered’ for seemingly no reason and would experience jitters and low-level anxiety that wouldn’t switch off. Particularly, when turning within to notice my emotions. (Later, I’d learn that ‘orienting’ could settle this down.)  

I heaped on tons of self-judgment and created stressful stories about my abilities to help others heal their chronic pain. Thankfully, a Canadian friend and coach forwarded me one of Irene’s videos. To say it resonated would be a huge understatement – I HAD TO KNOW MORE so I immediately signed up for her 21-Day Tune Up program and felt HOPE surging through my veins.  

While it’s true Irene’s training has been incredibly beneficial in helping me understand mammalian physiology, the nervous system, and how both relate to chronic pain and illness, it’s been a much bigger awakening than that. Irene’s a fantastic teacher, mentor and presenter. She doesn’t ‘dumb down’ anything; rather, gives easy to understand and digest bite-sized lessons. I got anatomy and neuroscience education, mind/body/emotions connections review, movement therapy introduction, how to honour impulses, hear inner wisdom, helpful videos and relevant resources, a like-minded FB community, answers to my personal questions – and well, a newfound intimacy and healthier relationship with myself.  

The information she provided fits ‘hand in glove’ with all the mind-body tools I’ve amassed and used over a ten-year span. For me, the mind-body puzzle is complete. These days I’m feeling happier, peaceful, authentic, and more confident as a coach. It’s a joy to witness my clients benefitting from what I learned too. So, if you have a nervous system, a mind, a body and emotions (and we all do!)– this course is for you. It’s a game changer and I highly recommend it.


My takeaway from the Healing Trauma Training, was that this is the missing link! I have spent what little energy I've had (20 years bedridden with CFS) trying to find answers and help, but nothing helped. Then I found this. I was blown away! It makes sooooo much sense that I've watched almost all Irene's videos on YouTube, I've started with the 21 Day Tune-Up, and have signed up for SBSM.  

Every ounce of my being believes in this and having experienced the wonderful support of the Facebook group, I feel as if I'm exactly where I should be, so thank you!! I hope you all understand how much you are helping us who keep fighting against all odds, who have been told by countless doctors that there is no way up. I've chosen to never in a million years believe that because I believe in my body, I've just lacked the right information, guidance and support. I can honestly say that being in the 21 Day Course and it's Facebook group, is like coming home. It's safe and I know we all are there for each other and have each others backs.  

I can't express in words how much this means to me, so again, thank you for making so accessible and safe.  


Essex, England

“Doing this course has had a huge impact on me. I find that I am really able to calm myself down when I become stressed, which I was never able to do. I used to get into very negative patterns of thinking as soon as I became overwhelmed and felt like there was too much on my plate, but I’m now able to catch those thoughts, say ‘Hi, I hear you, but I don’t agree and you’re not serving me’ and then replace them with much more positive thoughts instead, and am getting better at it day by day. When I feel the stress take over me I now acknowledge what I’m feeling – I check in with my heart and my breath and accept what they are feeling so that I can feel the stress, and then release it.”




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