The Essentials

For Nervous System Health & Healing

with Irene Lyon

A 4-part class series that gets you on track to heal for real

Available for Purchase for a Limited Time: December 12 – 19, 2023

*All classes in this series are Zoom-quality pre-recordings that are sent to you via email as a bundle upon purchase

**Video quality is low & these recordings are from a live Essentials event


Discover What’s Possible & Learn What It Takes To Become Your Own Medicine via the Power of Nervous System Health & Healing.

Do you ever wonder if there might be ONE thing that you are missing in your search for REAL well-being?

It seems like every health professional and wellness influencer is teaching about the nervous system and somatic healing these days which is making it downright confusing to know what is accurate.

The ‘noise’ of all the online experts is a lot for anyone. But it gets way harder when you amplify it by 10,000 for someone who is struggling with problems and symptoms that are crying out for deeper, lasting healing.

  • Maybe it’s emotional symptoms like depression, anxiety, or panic attacks that are keeping you playing small
  • Maybe it’s a chronic condition like chronic pain, fibromyalgia, autoimmune illnesses, or fatigue that is holding you back from handling even the simplest daily tasks.
  • Or maybe it’s a lackluster or even fearful feeling towards life, like you know (deep down) you’re meant to do more but a resistance inside just paralyzes you.

You can and deserve to heal.

Who this is for:

who this is forYou’re ready to begin your personal healing journey but you aren’t sure where to start in this entire world of nervous system health.

who this is forYou’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you know there MUST be a solution.

who this is for You’re working with people in your healing practice, you know there’s a missing link, and that missing link is becoming nervous system and trauma-informed.

who this is forYou’re ready to parent your kids with greater regulation and you don’t want to pass on your unhealed traumas to them.

What this is:

Scroll through for some info on what healing for real is all about

Here’s what people are saying about Irene’s work


“The best explanation ever. I have been searching for this for years. I am very excited to see where this leads.”


“Finally – I had answers. Something to describe what I’d been experiencing. As a fledgling counsellor, can’t say enough about how invaluable those initial Healing Trauma videos have been. I would recommend them to anyone with a nervous system. Absolutely essential knowledge.”


“This stuff is gold. I’ve been through the wringer of re-traumatizing therapy and nearly useless therapies, and a year of sitting pretending to calm my mind ( ha!). Yoga’s been great, as has dance, but I wish I had found this stuff 20 years ago!”

From December 12 – 19, 2023, you can purchase this 4-part series that equips you with the ‘essential’ learning you need to make informed decisions and get better results on your journey to nervous system health & healing.

In ‘The Essentials’ class series, you’ll get

A ‘nuts and bolts’ foundation in non-dumbed down nervous system education (plus WHY this is important for you to know in this day and age!)

Insight into why you might get stuck and experience overwhelm over and over again, (even when you practice mindfulness meditation, breathwork, and are ‘religious’ with a healthy lifestyle.)

Your introduction to my multi-modal approach to getting to the root of unhealed trauma and restoring regulation back to the nervous system.

The ABC’s on why steering clear of quick fixes and biohacks is recommended for lifestyle transformations that stand the test of time.

Access to bonus resources not included in earlier versions of this class series:

  • Full written transcripts to accompany each class
  • Downloadable PDF of key takeaways for each class

Available for Purchase for a Limited Time: December 12 – 19, 2023

A message from Irene

Over the many years of teaching people how to be healthier and more regulated in their nervous systems (which then ripples to all parts of their health, relationships, and career!), what is unanimous across the board is they all believe everyone should learn this.

(Meaning, everyone should learn the language of the nervous system, and then how to apply it in real time to lessen stress, process tough emotions, and heal old traumas that are causing dis-ease.)

Enter the tricky part of this work.

This work requires an expert who has not only trained for at least a handful of years at the professional somatic levels (and with the right teachers), but who is blending all parts of our human experience into one – this means we need to:

  1. Learn how it’s possible (and why it’s essential) to be with the body and all of it systems and parts (not just the brain)
  2. Explore ways to reconnect to the environment and stay present with it in a variety of situations (even when under stress and intense fear)
  3. Understand the importance of bringing it all together as one: body + environment.

This is why I can help you…

I am a Jedi master at teaching nervous system work.

I’ve been doing it for 15+ years (20+ years if you count my background in the health and biomedical sciences) and I am here to tell you that when you learn the steps, practices, and theory, you can become your own medicine.

When this starts to happen – becoming your own medicine – there’s no longer any need for quick fixes and fancy biohacking techniques.

Extensively studied the work of Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing) and Kathy Kain (Somatic Practice).

15 years in business reaching over 9,500 students in over 90 countries.

Binge-worthy YouTube videos with over 8 million views.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen how much the ‘landscape’ of trauma & the nervous system has changed (and is still changing). It’s becoming so confusing for those starting out who are already exhausted by their symptoms and life-long struggles.

So, I want to give you an opportunity to find your way with me in
The Essentials – For Nervous System Health & Healing

Available for Purchase for a Limited Time: December 12 – 19, 2023

‘The Essentials’ Class Series

Lesson 1

Your Nervous System!

An introduction to what your nervous system is, why it’s important and why you want to heal it.

Lesson 2

What anxiety REALLY is

What a doctor probably won’t tell you about it and what it takes to become your own anxiety “medicine.”

Lesson 3

How chronic illness connects with the nervous system

The deep roots of the vast majority of the health problems that exist today and why many have missed these nervous system truths.

Lesson 4

What it actually takes to heal the Nervous System

(no meditations or biohacks here!)
Shifting and healing at a deep level that sticks is much slower and gentler than you might think.

Answers to questions you might have

Do I get recordings?2022-08-19T17:40:49-07:00

YES! All live sessions are recorded and will be sent to you after via email.

Do these recordings expire?2022-08-19T17:41:33-07:00

NEVER! All recordings are for you to keep, use, and review whenever you wish!

How can I ask a question/get support2022-08-19T17:42:01-07:00

You can email us via [email protected]

Any opportunity to learn some practices?2022-08-23T17:22:06-07:00

You bet! I’ll weave in little nervous system experiments throughout the class series.

Can I get CEUs for this?2022-08-19T17:42:57-07:00

We can offer you a document of completion and the live session hours.

Will this certify me to teach nervous system work?2022-08-23T15:26:25-07:00

NOPE. This is for educational purposes only. To become certified in this work takes years of study and practice.

Can I get a refund?2022-09-08T14:26:55-07:00

Due to the digital nature of the Essentials class no refunds are offered after you have registered.


4 Essential Lessons with Irene for $77

Available for Purchase for a Limited Time:

December 12 – 19, 2023

*All classes in this series are Zoom-quality pre-recordings that are sent to you via email as a bundle upon purchase

**Video quality is low & these recordings are from a live Essentials event