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The 21 day nervous system tune-up is a self-study virtual training program that blends cutting edge neuroscience with crafty neurosensory exercises – all designed to spark up your nervous system powers by helping you discover the mind-body-environment connection. The course starts the moment you sign up and then, for 21 days you’ll get an email every day that includes a variety of education, resources and exercises.

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SmartBody SmartMind is an online group program designed to take you through my Unorthodox Healing Blueprint, so you have a deep understanding of how to care for your own nervous system (which also gives you a greater capacity for helping your clients). You will walk away from the 12-week program with a much greater understanding of how the human body works in times of stress.

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This 3-day in-person retreat will be a blend of Feldenkraisian awareness through movement lessons, deep inquiry into the mind-body space via playful movement and lively discussion. Each day will be rich and full of opportunity to get active and moving in a creative way and to quietly investigate and explore your body and mind with the support of myself and my expert co-teacher, Elia Mrak.

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