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What is a Drop-In Online Class?

Irene’s Drop-In Online Class blend experiential nervous system work, a unique class theme, plus sprinkles of education to provide greater context for the practical work^. Classes are one hour in length. While designed for the beginner, those with more intermediate and even advanced knowledge will benefit.

^The practical work is a blend of Somatic Experiencing, The Feldenkrais Method, and other essential pieces such as polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and the power for the brain and body to change itself, also known as neuroplasticity.

You can read more about her and her credentials here.

“At first I thought how boring it was following Irene’s instructions, but I did, and felt a connection to my body I have never experienced before. I never thought something so subtle can be so powerful

I am new to Irene’s work and already a lot of childhood trauma has surfaced to be integrated, just by willing to heal.”


I really enjoyed the class. The work was very subtle but highly engaging with the after effects of increased physical presence, general relaxation and calmness being felt.

My NS did take the cues and released some “less desirable” sensations later in the day but I knew I was storing some unresolved trauma which is why I took the class. So all-in-all a win for my healing!


My first time and really enjoyed it. Especially useful in these current changing and unusual times.
So important!


“I felt that the class was very helpful for me and learned about how working with my body is being present with how my body is reacting and then adjusting to help those reactions work themselves out instead of letting those reactions take control.”


“I absolutely loved the Drop In Class. I really appreciate you Irene, for creating this space and guiding us through such powerful and potent practices.”


“Loved it. Still cannot get over how powerful this work is. Blows my mind almost every time. For me, I find it is incredibly spiritual, a pathway to the self, and I always leave with a deeper connection to myself as consciousness. I’m no longer in my head. I remember who I am.”


Irene’s teachings are incredibly useful to practice for myself, they are really helping me to get a good regulated nervous system. I like so much the emerging “updated me!”



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