You can find my full bragging rights here.

I was the first professional person, in the worlds of Somatic Experiencing and Feldenkrais, to put a full fledged online course online that taught folks how to self-learn and then self-heal.

Many of my colleagues and mentors were skeptical. Some even said it was impossible, that you needed to be with a professional therapist, privately, to heal trauma. While there is no doubt that in person work can be powerful and essential for many, I’m here to say (as are many others) that so much can happen in the comfort of our own home and under our own self-direction.

This decision to create an online curriculum was ~10 years ago, and during these years, we’ve made a lot of progress in how we deliver our paid courses and classes, how we support them, and the content is continually improving and evolving. Just like life, we need flow. Not stagnation. ♾

Myself and my team are experienced, and to date we’ve had close to 10,000 people in over 90 countries participate, learn, and heal.

If you’ve had a bad experience with other online courses, and you aren’t sure about doing another one, trust me when I say, we’ve got the Gold Standard. I believe you’ll notice a difference within Team Lyon’s online “hallways.”

I hope you still have a speck of hope in you and you still have a belief and desire to be healthier and more regulated for your future.

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To liberally paraphrase another pioneer of #neuroplasticityandhealing, Moshé Feldenkrais:

Self-knowledge clears the path for healing.

Onward 🚀

Irene Lyon