We are a small and mighty team that is dedicated to helping people learn more about their nervous system and how it impacts their overall health. Here are just a few of the people who support this global movement.


Irene Lyon, MSC., is a nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach who helps everyone — from the mom next door to the next big thought leaders — transform their bodies, businesses, relationships and lives through regulating their nervous systems.

Irene helps people release their deepest traumas from their nervous systems, allowing them to finally heal from chronic mental, physical, and emotional conditions they’ve tried everything to fix. Irene uses these same tools to help entrepreneurs break through the mental, physical, and emotional blocks that arise when taking big leaps in their businesses. As a result, together they create a huge ripple effect across the planet.

Irene has intensively studied and practices the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing). She has a master’s degree in research in the fields of biomedical and health science. She regularly appears on podcasts and online summits teaching all things nervous system health, healing trauma and neuroplasticity.


Seth Lyon is a somatic trauma specialist with a private practice in Vancouver, BC. He’s trained extensively in Somatic Experiencing, the groundbreaking work of Dr. Peter Levine, which works to restore goodness and vitality at the core level where trauma takes root – the nervous system. Seth is also trained in an offshoot of SE called Somatic Practice, a form of touch work developed by Kathy Kain, which is especially effective for working with early, developmental, and complex trauma.

Seth combines this intricate nervous system and stress physiology work with energy work, elements of shamanism, and sound healing. At the core of his practice is the knowledge that all people have the capacity to heal, and that this capacity has it’s foundation in understanding how to first listen to, and then work with, our own unique human system.


Crystal is a work-at-home-mom, and together with her family, she resides just outside of Canada’s capital. Aside from plotting how to escape the Canadian winters, Crystal enjoys the ever changing source of knowledge that she has found within the niche of virtual assistance and working with folks across the globe!

Crystal’s specialty with is connecting with the incredible community through social media, outreach and answering questions with a smile. She loves to get people on their way so they can dive into whatever resources will best support them in their healing journey.


Mark is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and Certified Rolfer™ living in Asheville, North Carolina. He is happy to call the mountains of western North Carolina home where he lives with his spouse and three boys.

Mark’s focus is helping others become their best selves through transformation of traumatic experiences into purpose and growth. He understands that body processes, including the mind, can be weird and confusing at times. As a practitioner, he believes in the power of the person-to-person relationship, and the responsibility of the clinical skill of the practitioner.


Nicole believes we all have the potential to be more than we allow ourselves to be. Helping people tap into that and witnessing the change and growth in individuals is what makes her so passionate about the work she does.

From the knowledge and experience gained as a yoga teacher, Feldenkrais Practitioner, surf coach and student in the Somatic Experiencing training, her classes and one-on-ones encourage curiosity and awareness in a supportive, educational manner.

She believes in the potency that lies in working with the nervous system to change what limits us physically and mentally. Her goal is for people to gain a greater awareness and sense of how to build the capacity to be ‘REAL’ in daily life.


D’Arcy has worked as a first responder in mountain rescue for fifteen years. He first came to the SE world as a client of Irene’s, after trying other forms of therapy that were unable to resolve his traumatic experiences. After several years, he made the jump to becoming a practitioner and will be finished with his basic SE studies in December, 2017. His approach is practical, intuitive and touched by his personal understanding of the effects of unresolved trauma on people’s lives.


Janice offers an integrative healing practice drawing from a wide scope of 30 years experience and training.  A Somatic Experiencing Practitioner since 2009, she has completed advanced  Somatic Practice trainings including Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists and Somatic Regulation and Resilience After Early Trauma. She is a certified Watsu practitioner and is influenced by Continuum Movement, a health restoration practice informed by connection to the organic impulse of our fluid nature and structure.

Janice is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica . With a special knack for creating a safe and nurturing space to support the healing process and restore vitality and well-being, Janice delights in touching the body, heart, mind and spirit of the people she serves.


Francesca is an intuitive counsellor and Heart-Mind Embodiment Coach who is passionate about empowering people to reclaim their authentic self through the portal of their bodily wisdom. She is a registered counsellor who specializes in trauma healing.

Francesca has been drawn to Somatic Experiencing as part of her special interest in modalities that embody Eastern spiritual principles. She integrates Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, Mindful Self Compassion, Non-Violent Communication and Reiki through a nervous system healing lens. She also has a special interest in supporting parents raising children with challenging behaviours to embrace the transformative journey of parenthood through conscious parenting and trauma-informed parenting practices. Francesca believes the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world is to commit to our own nervous system healing.

Carissa Rodgers

Carissa is a Stress & Trauma Therapist in Queensland Australia. She holds a Masters Degree in Gestalt psychotherapy and is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner with extensive training in many counselling modalities including Family constellations.

In her practice Carissa serves clients from the Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire & Rescue and the State Emergency Service, as well as those who have experienced early developmental trauma. Prior to entering private practice Carissa has worked for 11 years as a counsellor with diverse populations in community settings.

She is passionate about helping people transition from trauma to triumph, step on their authentic path and live with more presence.  Carissa has a interest in the intersection of sacred practices, movement and nervous system healing. In her spare time she likes to dance and spend time in nature.