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This stuff is gold. I’ve been through the wringer of re-traumatizing therapy and nearly useless therapies, and a year of sitting pretending to calm my mind ( ha!). Yoga’s been great, as has dance, but I wish I had found this stuff 20 years ago!”

How To De-Stress In 7-Steps

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4 Steps to beat your inner resistance

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5 Stages Of Neuroplastic Healing

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13 Ways to take the red pill

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10 Practices For Creating Safety In Your Classes

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5 Tell tale signs that your coaching clients have unresolved trauma

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A Practical Guide to Living a Life That is Pain-Free, Potent & Alive

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Irene, this exercise is incredibly powerful. I did it last night before falling asleep and I’ve been doing it this afternoon. It takes me out of my overwhelming emotions and makes me present to the lovely environment around me and the happiness and connection around me. It’s powerful!”

20 minute Neurosensory Exercise

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4 Surprisingly Simple Steps To Calm Overwhelm

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4 Steps to beat your inner resistance

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It is rather refreshing to sit and watch the videos, I sit here nodding along to the contents being taught. It’s a reflection of sections of my life. I thought I was fearless at times, but actually it was that mask you described – put on for a performance for others. Maybe miracles do happen!”

Adrenal Fatigue Webinar

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Healing Trauma

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