Unpacking Feldenkraisian learning & neuroplasticity with Andrew Gibbons

One of my first entry points into neuroplastic learning, and the capacity for the human system to rewire, change and evolve past “usual” standards of human potential, was via the work of Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais vis-à-vis the body of work called, The Feldenkrais Method.  I began this quest [...]

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The Stiff Upper Lip Phenomenon & Healing Our Humanity

The Cambridge online dictionary defines the stiff upper lip as follows:  Someone who has a stiff upper lip does not show their feelings when they are upset. For example: He was taught to keep a stiff upper lip, whatever happens. In this week’s vlog I talk about emotional [...]

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How high stress jobs impact us (and how to de-stress)

It goes without saying that stress impacts pretty much most humans to a certain degree. And it most definitely impacts those living in more westernized and industrialized places and spaces. If we aren’t careful, these stresses can accumulate and create what some call ‘toxicity’ with our body-mind interfaces, [...]

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Does healing trauma increase creativity?

This latest video was inspired by a question I got from my social media feeds that went something like this:  “Does one need to be finished healing before you get access to creativity, or do you access it along the way?”  In this week’s video I answer this [...]

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How 5 different trauma patterns can create the same ailment & illness

Got a question for you:  How do you think it’s possible for a professional gymnast, a baby that got yanked out of the birth canal with forceps, an infant that was physically abused, a person that grew up in a war torn country, and a child that was [...]

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