The evolution of a somatic practitioner (interview with Anja Bergh)

One of the trickier parts about being a somatic practitioner whose focus is on the nervous system is that there is no SET path.  For comparison, if one wants to become a medical doctor, the path is set: get good grades in high school, do a couple of [...]

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Are you “monocropping” your healing?

Over the past year I’ve been learning a little more about the importance of soil health, biodiversity in our ecosystems, as well as the deleterious effects of monocropping. Now, while I will most likely not go back to university to study sustainable agricultural practices, or start my own [...]

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Neurosensory exercises (the practical side of my work)

I’ve often joked that witnessing what I teach and guide people through, the practical stuff, is about as exciting as watching paint dry!!  (This ‘watching paint dry’ effect is because so much of the practical work is focused on noticing and tracking internal sensations, small slow movements of [...]

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Healing from toxins & detoxing with zeolite (interview with Eddie Stone)

Imagine this:  Teensy tiny vacuum cleaners circulating throughout your body, in all of your cells.  The aim of these little ‘sucker uppers’ is to gobble up toxins that are trapped in the cells, hindering your capacity to heal, repair, and regenerate your body’s tissues.  True story:  About a [...]

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Helping the kids starts with healing the adults

I was on a podcast show this week, and the host asked me what parents should do when they realize they have done “all the wrong things” with their infants and children.  When I write “all the wrong things” I don’t mean obvious abuses of the physical, sexual, [...]

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