Does healing trauma increase creativity?

This latest video was inspired by a question I got from my social media feeds that went something like this:  “Does one need to be finished healing before you get access to creativity, or do you access it along the way?”  In this week’s video I answer this [...]

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How 5 different trauma patterns can create the same ailment & illness

Got a question for you:  How do you think it’s possible for a professional gymnast, a baby that got yanked out of the birth canal with forceps, an infant that was physically abused, a person that grew up in a war torn country, and a child that was [...]

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Past life trauma, healing it, & much more.

Yes, you read that right, today’s long-form interview is with a special guest who is an expert on past life trauma.  Now, some of you might be wondering what happened to Irene, the science gal?  Rest assured, it’s still me, I haven’t been cloned and replaced by a [...]

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How to feel safe when all we feel is stress & fear

Guess what? I’m writing a book. The entire process is embryonic, but the seed has been planted. (Not to keep you in suspense, but that’s as much as I can tell you.) I’m sharing this with you today, not for encouragement (even though I’ll happily take it!), but [...]

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The link between early childhood stress and chronic illness

Today I’m sharing a new video that gets into the links between early childhood stress (aka: adversity, abuse, bad stuff that happens to us, and so on) and chronic illness later in life.  While this is old news on the research and science front, it is still having [...]

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