Why body tension can increase when healing trauma

In this week’s vlog, I take you on a bit of a journey through some of my own personal discoveries around old traumas surfacing, body tension, and also severe physical pain. Long story short, I did a lot of intense and shock-producing sports in my childhood, teens, twenties, [...]

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Why we can get overwhelmed when we start healing our trauma

A common thing that happens when we begin excavating old traumas at the somatic level is a sense of overwhelm.  From my experience this can be due to a few things, and while this week’s vlog doesn’t cover each and every aspect of why someone might feel overwhelmed [...]

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Polyvagal Science, Getting Calm, & Breathwork

Today I have a short video for you on why simply slowing down our breath to calm our nervous system and reset it isn’t enough, and why it (often) doesn’t work.  There’s so much myth and misinformation out there, so today, I’m setting it straight!  This piece was [...]

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