Pendulation: How to Shift Focus To Calm Overwhelm

There are many roads that can help us go from being stuck to in flow, and one of them is a principle and practice called pendulation. This term was popularized by the founder of Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine, to describe a way of being with an intense experience [...]

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Made these for you (plus an important note about staying embodied)

I just wanted to write this post to remind you of the many free resources you have access to via my website and YouTube Channel, and all of them, as you may have guessed, are geared towards helping you become more educated and regulated when it comes [...]

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How to be smart with our breath (so emotions don’t get stuck)

It goes without saying that we need our breath.  It keeps our cells fed and free of waste products. The other thing that goes without saying is there’s a LOT of confusion around the best way to breathe, how to practice breathing, and how we can use it [...]

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3 ways to develop your (*biological*) intuition

A lot of people think intuition is just for psychics, but rest assured, it is not. Intuition is our biological birthright and when we are regulated (in our nervous system) we ALL have access to this supersonic skill.  When we have it online it guides us. It tells [...]

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How to help children who have anxiety, depression, and ADD

One of the more common questions my team and I get is around helping the kids. It might be their kids, the kids they teach at school, their grandkids, their nieces, nephews, and so on. Specifically, the question is around how to help the kids who are struggling [...]

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