How to build somatic and nervous system capacity

Hi to all! Got a new video for you today, all on building somatic and nervous system capacity.  In essence, building somatic and nervous system capacity means being able to be with what we are feeling and sensing in the current moment and getting really good at it. [...]

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Nervous system health & healing trauma stories

Today, I’m featuring a long form chat with one of my students, John, an alumni of both my online offerings, the 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up and SmartBody SmartMindTM (SBSM).  In this chat we dive into many topics around his healing journey, some of which are:  How he [...]

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Why our behavior & biology don’t have to be hardwired

Hello on this first Monday of 2022! Got a brand new video for you today, on a topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for well over six months now, after hearing an anecdote of a woman, a horse, smoking cigarettes, and the concept of our body and [...]

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What’s the difference between chronic fatigue syndrome & adrenal fatigue?

This mini-article was inspired by a question someone had for me on social media.  Chronic fatigue syndrome, more commonly known as CFS, and adrenal fatigue usually go hand in hand. Often, adrenal fatigue* is lurking and festering for a long time, even as children and in the teenage [...]

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On chronic illness, chronic fatigue, autoimmune, and MORE!

My team has been editing my long-form Q&A sessions and special topic lectures from the past — taking out pauses, when I'm scrolling for questions in the comments, etc. Basically parts of the video not needed for your learning. This edited video is from a Q&A session I [...]

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Hydrotherapy, Terrain Theory, & Naturopathic Musings

I think it goes without saying that my scope of practice and all the levels of learning and big healings that take place for my students within my online hallways are 100% natural. My students are capitalizing on the human system’s innate capacity to heal and thrive, even [...]

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