How toxins (like mold) impact the nervous system

I have a new video for you today that was inspired by the many questions my team and I get around how toxins impact our nervous system.  Now, the word “toxin” can mean many things, but the usual ones we are asked about are things like mold, harsh [...]

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Why you can’t reset or reboot the nervous system (but you can definitely heal & rewire it!)

So much in that subject line, right? A few weeks ago, I wrote a postl that went a little viral via my social feeds, so I felt like making a video about some concepts that I feel are important to understand when it comes to this work of [...]

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How migraines, chronic anxiety, & unhealed early trauma connect

I think the title of this new video says it all: How migraines, chronic anxiety, & unhealed early trauma connect.  What is interesting here is that we could replace the term ‘migraine’ with: -Chronic fatigue -Fibromyalgia -Autoimmunity -Chronic pain -Irritable bowel syndrome -Raynauds -POTS As well as ‘chronic [...]

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What does a somatic healing session look like?

Back in the day, when I was younger (newer) at talking about my work, and what this work “looks like,” I would try to give some definitive examples of how a private session might go.  I quickly realized that whenever I would try to do this, it would [...]

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“Healing” Gone Bad

Were you following my work a year ago? Did you catch this special topic lecture I did themed,  “Healing” Gone Bad? Here are some of the topics I covered:  Psilocybin and other ‘awakenings’  Importance of understanding stored trauma Plant medicine ceremonies Neuroplastic Sequencing (importance in meditation, breathwork, EMDR) [...]

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