Hello from Austria! + The last month in review

Why hello there! I’m writing this month to you from a rainy Austria as I take a little downtime after a full month of travel and teaching.  While words cannot convey the amount of learning, goodness, and witnessing that have taken place over the past 30 days, here’s me trying to find a few to share with you: Blessed, grateful, excited. Up & Down participants in [...]

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How to heal adrenal fatigue by working with stress organs

I’ve got a new vlog for you today and it’s all about working at a deeper level to help heal adrenal fatigue/burnout. Adrenal fatigue is something a lot of folks experience and it requires work at the level of what I call the ‘stress organs’. Working at this level helps to heal adrenal fatigue but also helps to heal and overcome the many other chronic conditions that accompany [...]

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Disgust: The gateway emotion for healing toxic shame

I’m writing this blog post from a quaint café within the seaside town of Brighton, UK. It has been a full three weeks since landing in Stockholm earlier this month and I just finished teaching the third of our four Up & Down workshops with my teaching partner, Elia Mrak.  What a blessing, and absolute blast, to work with humans invested in learning and changing their entire “status” [...]

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Do we have to relive a trauma to heal it?

This a big question so let’s get right to it.   The short answer to this question is NO.  The long answer is in this video ;) This is an important topic and one we are learning more and more about as get smarter and more switched on to helping humans find greater ease, healing, and peace after one traumatic event or hundred traumatic events. When the system is [...]

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The 5 Stages of Neuroplastic Healing

At two separate times in my private practice I have had two different people (they didn’t know on another) express some pretty big frustration in their attempts to meditate. Both said the same thing to me, and this is a direct quote: “...(trying to meditate) was like being locked in a dark room with an angry man screaming at me.”   I will never forget those words, nor the visual [...]

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Time to travel and teach + the last month in review.

I’m in Europe! Stockholm, to be exact, and getting all rested up and on European time so I can teach my first overseas Up & Down workshop with my teaching partner and dear friend, Elia Mrak. I’ll be posting clips from the workshop and the Swedish sights as my team and I explore a new city, so be sure to follow me over on Instagram if you haven’t already. From Sweden, we’ll [...]

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