Today, I’ve got a Marathon Q&A for you.

But it’s more than just another Q&A amongst the many (so many!) that I’ve done over the years.

I’m sharing this particular Q&A at this particular time for a specific reason (more on that below)… 

First, a couple quick notes on the video itself: 

  • It was originally recorded as an Instagram livestream back in February of this year 
  • As the name suggests, it’s pretty long (1hr 35mins), but we’ve made it a whole lot easier to navigate and titrate via the detailed time stamps you’ll find in the video description…

Here’s a short selection of all that’s covered in this virtual goldmine of a Q&A:

00:01:24 don’t be a career content consumer

00:16:46 how can we connect to our biological needs in today’s lifestyle?

00:24:56 how do you approach physical pain with this work? 

00:31:58 why brain retraining and positive thinking isn’t enough

00:35:27 binge eating, overeating, undereating

00:38:35 can orienting alone bring major shifts?

00:43:19 21 Day Tune-Up course

00:51:46 should we ever take a break from healing?

01:16:14 can somatic experiencing help with fears of abandonment?

01:30:06 can somatic work be done on kids? 

>> You can watch the full video just below, or click over to YouTube for the complete list of timestamps.