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A deep dive into hormonal health (for the ladies) with Kitty Martone

2024-04-30T13:45:57-07:00Practitioners & Professionals, Special Topic Lectures & Q&As|

Hello friends,  If you’ve been around for a  year or so with me, you may recognize my guest today, Kitty Martone, aka: Healthy Gut Girl.  Last year, I had Kitty on my channel to talk about all things gut health and sleep, and we touched on hormonal health. [...]

Healthy guts, hormones, sleep & a lot more with Kitty Martone

2024-04-30T14:07:56-07:00Practitioners & Professionals, Special Topic Lectures & Q&As|

Most of you probably don’t know this, but before I got into nervous system work, healing trauma, and all things neuroplasticity, I majored in exercise and biomedical science, as well as applied human nutrition (all these details are on my about page).  I studied nutrition and all the [...]

Titration. Why it’s important when healing trauma

2024-04-21T18:44:14-07:00Special Topic Lectures & Q&As, Trauma & Survival Physiology|

Most months* I do a live special topic lecture covering a topic that I know from professional and personal experience is essential education for optimal nervous system health, healing trauma, and all things neuroplasticity.  Today I want to highlight what I covered back in September - it had [...]

Going carnivore & healing with Sarah Kleiner (aka Carnivore Yogi)

2024-04-21T19:23:57-07:00Practitioners & Professionals, Special Topic Lectures & Q&As|

Hi folks! Got another special guest interview for you today, and it might be a dicey one for some, but let’s go with it, and learn about this unique story of healing, shall we?  Meet Sarah Kleiner (aka carnivore yogi).  Sarah’s story is all about healing cellular inflammation [...]