Most months* I do a live special topic lecture covering a topic that I know from professional and personal experience is essential education for optimal nervous system health, healing trauma, and all things neuroplasticity. 

Today I want to highlight what I covered back in September – it had to do with a concept called titration and its significance when it comes to healing the nervous system, and I might add, healing the nervous system the right way. 

(Yes, my friends, there is a right and therefore wrong way to do this work!!)

Click below to watch this live stream and learn more about titration. 

What I love about these live streams is that sometimes there’s a question from a live participant that makes me see the missing pieces in the many assumptions of this work, and that happened during this lecture ….

Here’s what happened:

There was a point during the September lecture wherein I realized (as a result from one of the real time comments) some might think that ensuring one is ‘titrating’ – going at their own pace and doing tiny drops of work – when doing somatic-based trauma work equates to no experiencing any discomfort or heightened nervous system responses. 

Well, this is far from the truth! 

We WANT to feel and fully experience the somatic landscapes that have been trapped internally, and in little “titrated” doses, so that we can release and integrate our past hurts and harms once and for all.

Remember, we stuffed all this old stuff (aka: trapped survival stress; trauma) internally because it was too tough to take, or maybe we were too young to even know what was happening to our little bodies, which means, to heal it we must feel it. 

But, again, we must enter into this process in a calculated way, a titrated way, so that we don’t overwhelm and re-traumatize ourselves. 

* * *

*I say most months, as we did something a little different last summer and took July and August off. Know that you can find ALL past lectures via this YouTube playlist