Today, I’ve got a NEW interview with SBSM alum, Selden Beylouni to share and it is JUICY. 🙂 So set aside some time for this one, grab a cuppa, and dive into our multi-layered chat!

A few highlights from our conversation:

  • Selden’s “long-term relationship” with stimulant meds (and the history behind that)
  • Her perspective on the helpful and unhelpful sides of “healing” ADD with medication
  • How identifying with the labels and diagnoses that we are given limits our authenticity
  • Why there’s no shame in being dysregulated and how that is different to being “sick”
  • How becoming a parent was the catalyst to coming off meds and finding true healing
  • Why restoring regulation to the nervous system doesn’t mean losing our “creative edge”

For more detail, be sure to check out the Video Chapters linked in the YouTube description. There, you will also find links to our first long-form interview (this is the second), as well as SBSM panels that Selden has appeared on.

* * *

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