Most humans were never taught how to truly listen to their body and because of this we miss important cues coming not only from our insides, but also our surroundings.

You can change this!

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New Here?

Welcome to this entire world of nervous system health & healing*

*Yes, this is also about healing trauma. Except we’re going straight to the root, rather than trying to “solve the problem.”

In Irene’s 25+ years of training and practice, she’s helped thousands of folks from 90+ countries learn the language of their nervous system so they can become their own medicine and heal trauma.

Fact: Irene was the first to bring this work online in a way that can actually work.

In a nutshell, this is the real deal, Irene is the real deal.

We will admit: this is not a quick fix, it is an essential lifestyle choice.

Arrival in this strange new land is both exciting and overwhelming! Navigation may also prove tricky…

Nervous system starter steps — before you proceed, remember this:

Slow and steady wins the race. Take some TIME to orient yourself and stay the course.

You’ll never know what’s possible for you until you give something a good old school try.

Just by being here, reading this, you’re ALREADY doing the work. So why stop now?

Onward, young Jedi!

Let’s start with the most urgent question for most people:

Will this heal my [insert one or more]?

The short answer: Restoring regulation back to the nervous system can help, heal, and often reverse many of the chronic troubles that are usually deemed ‘genetic’ and a ‘life sentence.’

Have patience as you discover this new way of learning, healing and being, and all will be revealed.

2 Reminders:

Be Proud

If you’re just beginning to contemplate doing this work to unwire, rewire, and regulate your nervous system via the education and practices Irene’s created, please know that you are in the right place and on the healing side of history. This is not to be taken lightly. Be very proud.

Be Brave

It’s an act of bravery to consciously stop the cycle of nervous system dysregulation that’s been passed on to us from our ancestors, family, society, culture, and so on. You have much to learn and unlearn to heal at the deepest level possible. Be brave today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Introducing Irene’s

3 Laws of Nervous System Health & Healing

Law #1

A lot of our chronic troubles are rooted in the DYSREGULATION of the nervous system, nestled deep in neurobiological and survival chemistry patterns that can’t be hunted down with a single remedy.

1.1 The nervous system is kaleidoscopic by design

Said another way: it is not just one system doing one thing. It’s complex, intricate and pervasive. For now, it’s enough to know that the nervous system:

  • Bridges and connects ALL functional parts of our internal human system (digestion, immunity, hormones, temperature, blood pressure, breathing, sensation, movement, and much more).
  • Encourages (or discourages) us from connecting to our external environment. Not just nature and the world we live in, but other humans, animals, kids.
  • Enables us to tap into our sixth sense — that gut, or as some might call it, ‘spidey’ sense, that keeps us out of harm’s way and helps us make decisions that are right for us.

There’s more to it, of course!

Tune up your nervous system and rev up your entire life with our self-study online program 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up

1.2 Thrive or survive? It’s up to your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

The ANS comprises the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. To understand the distinction (and get a basic sense of how they fit the bigger picture), think of them like this:


Our inner action hero

Day-to-day, it’s what gets us going and keeps us alert. Kicked into top gear, it’s command central for our primary survival responses, aka fight/flight.


Our inner zen master

It’s linked to social engagement, Polyvagal Theory, and the body’s “rest/digest” mode. The rabbit hole goes deeper, but suffice it to say this system is multi-layered and is also responsible for another survival response, aka freeze.

1.3 While useful in the moment, our biological survival responses are detrimental when on 24/7.

Here’s the clincher:

When this massive system is stuck in a chronic state of survival stress (fight, flight, freeze), its capacity to do its job with exquisite ease and functionality is blocked.

The system, the human, gets sick.

Dis-ease, illness, and a lack of vitality happen when there is a lack of FLOW within the nervous system and all of its connections.

In order to truly heal, we need to include working at this foundational level — the nervous system. Removing the survival stress blocks within our nervous system will restore flow to what once was stuck.

(You may want to take a moment to soak this one in properly. It’s a big paradigm shift for most.)

Law #2

Working directly with the nervous system has the potential to bring remarkable healing and life-changing transformations — IF we do it correctly. If not, we risk deepening dysregulation (aka: we retraumatize ourselves).

2.1 There’s no shortcut to nervous system health

Breathwork, artificial nerve stimulation, tapping, eye movements, and more… These ‘biohacks,’ devices and techniques can be useful in certain contexts. But, alone or combined, NONE of these things can restore true and lasting regulation at the ANS level.

We are each individuals who need to carve out our own journey pending our unique history and circumstances. If you have a lot of shock trauma from accidents, you might also need to explore bodywork. If your troubles are more psychological in nature, you may actually need to do more good old fashioned therapy. If you are nutrient-deficient or metabolically unhealthy, you might need to also implement dietary/activity protocols.

However, as mammals who share the same biology, we ALL need the same foundation of nervous system regulation and capacity in order for ANY of the above to be of any real benefit to us, especially in the long-term.

2.2 Healing can (and often does) go wrong

Many people (and professionals) tend to start with methodologies that try to FORCE and “get” a trauma out — or, they try to ask too much of a person’s emotional capacity. With this approach, a person becomes overwhelmed and stays overwhelmed, or they shut down and numb out. We do NOT want this to happen.

Humans tend to focus on getting rid of symptoms, and while that might be important in some cases, like the pain from an acute bone fracture, a severe burn, or a bacterial infection, to name a few examples when acute medical care might be needed, back to LAW #1 to understand why this approach doesn’t work when it comes to healing the nervous system.

2.3 There IS a right way to heal

Not everyone is going to like how Irene teaches and helps folks heal trauma, because she’s not going to give a specific recipe or a quick fix ‘hack’ to decrease stress and lower anxiety.

But what Irene will offer you, should you choose to come our way and learn with our team, is LASTING change. You’ll learn stuff that you will have for the rest of your life… and to boot, it’ll also transform your relationships, how you parent, work, create, love, and see the world in all its goods and evils.

No biohacks or quick fixes for pesky symptoms here. Just stuff that works. Your choice. Or, as the Grail Knight told Indiana Jones: “You must choose. But choose wisely, as the true grail will bring you life, and the false grail will take it from you.”

Law #3

There are three essential ingredients for nervous system health and healing:


Non dumbed-down education,

and Practice.

three-arrowsThese are the holy grail when it comes to restoring nervous system regulation to our body. When put into motion, this Trifecta shifts the base level of our health so the system can HEAL.

3.1 Not all guidance is created equal. Not all guides are good.

And there’s a LOT of both out there!

If you don’t happen to be an expert who has trained for at least a handful of years at the professional somatic levels, and with the right teachers, it can be downright confusing to know what is accurate, who to believe, and what to do for your healing journey.

This is where Irene comes in. She does happen to be an expert — a nervous system specialist and somatic neuroplasticity expert, to be precise. You can find her full bragging rights here.

3.2 Learning is healing and healing is learning in motion.

When you have a solid grasp on what’s at play in your biology — the theory and education — it makes a big difference in working with and shifting out of overwhelm and anxiety, also known as nervous system dysregulation. And, when we start off with the most essential pieces of education, it can make it less overwhelming and more doable.

3.3 This is a NEW WAY of learning how to be human.

This means also coming OUT of victim identification, doing your own work, being a mature adult (even when you might not feel like it), and while yes there were bad things, maybe generations of bad things from your ancestry, the key is not having such a strong bond to them that they continue to traumatize you.

All human babies have the same basic needs and yet most folks who come into this whole world of nervous system health and healing do so because, somewhere along the line (or along their parent’s line, or their grandparent’s line, etc.), their needs were not met. Essentially, what we want to teach you is how to get those needs met as an adult. It’s never too late!

Are you ready to begin this deep, solid work? (We hope so!)

As another great fictitious teacher, Morpheus, once said, “I can only show you the door, you’re the one who has to walk through it.”

Welcome to your nervous system apprenticeship!


Irene Lyon

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