Hi all! I get this question a lot, and so I wanted to dedicate a short blog post to it as the answer is complex.

While this work can certainly help with, and even resolve these types of severe health issues, it’s very important to also recognize that there can be multiple, more complicated causes for such problems which may not be related directly to trauma and the expected resultant nervous system dysfunction.

If symptoms, issues and conditions arose due to things such as: exposure to toxicity in the air, water, or soil either from chemicals, mold, poor sanitation, or other, various forms of radiation, pharmaceutical interventions, hormonal imbalance issues, or if there was and is severe deficiencies in nutrients or other things the body needs, it may be that other interventions in addition to this work will also be necessary.

Some of these interventions could include things like: dietary change to support better nutrition and/or hydration; various detox protocols such as chelation therapy, oxygen therapy, or with a product like Pure Body and/or Pure Body Extra, which I personally have used to detox from heavy metals in the body.

Other helpful interventions I’ve been exploring include exposure to natural light outside first thing upon waking (no glasses or contacts), which supports circadian rhythms and mitochondrial health, and grounding with bare feet on the Earth frequently, which discharges electrical buildup in the system and facilitates a beneficial electron exchange. 

Getting fresh air and moderate to intense exercise regularly can be very helpful, as is hydrotherapy – going from hot to cold, for flushing the lymphatic system and promoting good circulation. Here are some links to interviews I’ve done with various teachers in these fields, as well as some other resources I recommend checking out: 

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At the end of the day, if one is living with unresolved trauma, resolving that trauma and restoring regulation to the nervous system will be a very important part of restoring health and vitality to the human system. It may be, though, that some other approaches will also be needed, depending on the unique circumstances of each person.