I want to share Kat’s success with you. It’s a good one! 

(Kat is a SmartBody SmartMind™ alum who, in a comment thread on our program platform, shared some of her recent SBSM-related wins, which she gave us permission to share here.)

If YOU struggle with chronic syndromes (like POTS or low blood pressure) and/or you’ve ever experienced acute anxiety about your health (in Kat’s case triggered by the fear of ‘long Covid’), you might relate to her story.

As she describes below, Kat had been “working on” her stored trauma for many years, but never experienced such big shifts in physical, mental, and emotional health… until NOW. Until SBSM:

long covid

Kat’s come a long way since she decided to join SBSM and start learning how to become her own medicine…

Through her dedication to applying the KEY PRINCIPLES of titration (little bits of learning and practice at a time) and consistency (go slowly, but keep going) that are at the core of the SBSM curriculum, not only has she established a kind of “peace” in her system, but it has also STUCK!

As she explains in her comments both above and below, this is just the beginning for Kat! The healing is ongoing. After all, this kind of healing (aka: real healing) is a lifestyle, not a ‘quick fix.’ 

But the road ahead already looks brighter for Kat than it did before SBSM. Not just for her, but for her children as well as they benefit from her growing capacity and improved regulation! And, as Kat herself says, this alone is “SO massive.”

long covid

In short, the ‘story’ of Kat’s life (and her health) has already started shifting towards a ‘happier ending’ because SHE has changed the way she lives (and taken charge of her own healing).

What could be more empowering than this?

SmartBody SmartMind™ is about changing the way you live, and that change begins in these first 12 weeks* of relearning what it means to be human, rewiring your nervous system, and getting on the path to become your own medicine. *We begin Friday, Feb 23!

Health is your BIRTHRIGHT. One that you DESERVE to claim. 

The first step to healing is BELIEVING this to be true (because it is!) 

The next step? Well, I think you might know by now what that is… 😉 

And you have until the end of day Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 to join us in the “hallways” of SBSM.

Here’s to real healing that sticks, and to your nervous system health!

PS Curious to hear more about the life-changing (and health-changing) shifts that many of our SBSM alumni experience (provided they do the work, as Kat has)? Watch this latest Special Panel with our SBSM Alumni sharing their unique nervous system healing stories <<<