Last week when I was doing a livestream on Instagram I caught myself saying, 

“I realize it can sound too good to be true that one online program can offer such vast results, but this is what we are seeing.”

Well, here I am again with yet another story of what might seem like miraculous healing via “one” online course. 

But of course, it is NOT a miracle. And it is not just ONE thing. It’s what can take place when we sequence our healing properly.

I shared a short clip of Jerika’s story last week and you can find that video here

This week I’m sharing her full interview

FYI: This conversation is NOT TO BE MISSED if you’re wondering whether quick fixes that aim to “biohack” the vagus nerve are to be tried or trusted. All to say, when I think back to what Jerika shared with me a few weeks ago, the word harrowing is an understatement… I am just glad she is okay and finally experiencing what REAL regulation is all about.  

And speaking of the vagus nerve and biohacking it…

During a recent Live Q&A for SmartBody SmartMind™ (see the PS for more info on this), Seth expressed some healthy papa bear energy when someone mentioned they had just bought an electrical vagus nerve stimulation device and wanted to know our thoughts on this. If you click here you’ll go to where he answers the question. And by the way, the big energy wasn’t to put ANY blame on the person asking the question. It was to put the record straight on why we need to be extra super duper careful when trying to fast-track healing a dysregulated nervous system. 

As I often say, we have to go back to the baby! Let me explain: 

  • Would we want to hook up a baby to an electrical device if they were unsettled? 
  • Is throwing a baby into a cold plunge a solution for shifting them into more calm? 
  • Does it work to ask a baby to slow their breathing down by inhaling for a count of 4, then holding in for 7, and exhaling for 8 when they are exhibiting distress? 

Of course the answer to all of these rhetorical questions is no. NEVER. 

We need to attune, connect, and co-regulate so they feel real cellular safety and from there, they settle, calm, and shift their distress. 

This is what creates self-regulation. And it is slow. It takes years (for that baby and parent to master). 

For us, as adults, this means that we need to mimic this attunement dance for ourselves, and while we don’t do this with a parent (as adults) we can learn how to do this with ourselves by learning to connect to ourselves and to our environment. 

This is exactly what Jerika and all our SBSM alumni who have found “miracles” are doing. 

They are re-parenting themselves in a BIOLOGICAL way that makes sense to their DNA.

This is why this works. More stories here. 

To (lasting) nervous system health & (real) healing!

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