Today, I want to re-introduce you to one of our long-standing SmartBody SmartMind™ alumni.

I recently re-listened to my first interview with her (from back when we were still using good ol’ Skype for this stuff), and I just KNEW her story would resonate with many of you who might be…

…Feeling at odds with your body (like you’re trying to love a part of you, while at the same time being disconnected from it or unable to trust it, because you feel as if it has ‘betrayed’ you).

…Wondering what would have happened if you hadn’t frozen when you were being abused, violated, disrespected (or, if ongoing, what it might feel like to finally escape this cycle)?

…Getting the sense you’re only scratching the surface (you’ve done everything you can think of, all the forgiveness & emotional work, even somatic trauma work, but you’re still stuck.) 

success story

This is pretty much where Janet Raftis was before discovering & going on to join SBSM.

This wasn’t her first rodeo, either.

Janet had already “done a lot of healing work in a myriad of modalities” by the time she stumbled across my work in the Fall of 2016. 

“Yet,” as she explains in our first chat, “there was still something that was going on but I didn’t know what it was.”

And she was right. Without her knowing it, her body had been stuck in “freeze” – unable to resolve the survival stress stored up in her nervous system – after a sexual assault that happened to her in her teens, as well as PTSD after the birth of her son when she was 30. 

It wasn’t until she learned the language of her nervous system and gained the tools to work directly with it, that she was able to peel back these layers of trapped survival stress in her system, and start finding release and expression via the subtlest of neurosensory exercises.  

For more, watch the re-release of Janet’s powerful 24-minute Skype interview, HERE: