Today I have a NEW expert guest interview for you with the brilliant Dr. Erika La Vella. 

She’s a board-certified bariatric surgeon (caring for patients with obesity), with a passion for preventative medicine and teaching people how to heal their gut in ways that go way beyond diet and nutrition. 

You may have caught our chat earlier this year about birthing babies the way nature intended. (If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you do!)

Today, she’s returned for ‘round two’ of our chat: A holistic approach to restoring health at all levels with bariatric surgeon Dr. Erika La Vella

To be clear, this conversation isn’t just for those who consider themselves to be overweight or obese. 

It’s also for anyone struggling with metabolic disease (like diabetes or PCOS) or related symptoms (like high cholesterol, arthritic joint pain, or high blood pressure). 

In this chat, we geek out about gut health, obesity, trauma, and so much more, like:

  • Weight bias, the harmful rhetoric surrounding the word “obesity,” and the history (and limitations) of using BMI to classify it. 
  • The bi-directional connections between trauma, gut dysfunction, and excess body fat. 
  • How Dr. Erika is applying nervous system education and healing principles to help her patients succeed through increased internal capacity and awareness. 

This conversation gives me so much hope about the future of medicine and I’m grateful for doctors like Erika who are leading the charge. 

Watch our ‘round two’ interview to learn Erika’s definition of obesity and what true healing and body positivity look like. 

* * *

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