Today I have a new long form discussion for you with my most frequent guest, Chris Dierkes. 

This will be our fifth time talking on subjects like meditation, mindfulness, sovereignty, and today, how to stay balanced in chaotic times.

You can find our previous talks via this playlist on YouTube. 

Irene's Musings

A musing from Nietzsche: 

I caught these words last week and they seemed apropos given the current era of biohacking, plus quick tips and tricks that abound as a way to get out of “all our troubles.” 

(btw: Did you catch my vlog on biohacking the nervous system? Note: biohacking the nervous system is NOT recommended!)

Needless to say, in my experience, personally and professionally, the best path forward for optimal health and vitality (and nervous system regulation) is a slow, consistent, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly … l i f e l o n g … journey.

Might not seem super fun or miraculous at first, but give it time, eventually you just might witness a miracle, or many. 

* * *

Resources to accompany the interview:

Chris’ Information:

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Mentions in the video:

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