Today’s vlog falls into one of the most commonly asked questions I get: 

What causes dissociation and what it takes to heal. 

I want to let the video and its education do the talking, but suffice it to say that MANY things can cause what is termed dissociation, depersonalization, and derealization. 

It’s important to know that how we heal and recover from a past of stress and adversity that can put us into a dissociative state, be it in body, mind, or both, is going to be individual. 

This somatic and cognitive state is biologically designed to keep us “safe” from feeling and being with intense somatic and sensory experiences, and in my experience, and as much as some might claim there to be a one size fits all magic bullet cure for this protective state, in my many years of experience, there is no quick fix for shifting and healing at a deep level that sticks. 

The solution, again from my experience, is education, solid neurosensory practices that blend the body, mind and environment interfaces, regular unconditional support, and a willingness from the person to heal and break up the nervous system wires that still think the system is under attack. 

This all takes time and it can be done. 

Have a listen.