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I’ve been wanting to make this vlog for a while, so I’m excited to share it!

The topic is all about functional freeze, what this means, how it gets embedded into us (often from a very young age), plus some important steps for breaking out of it, and getting ourselves back online and back to the land of the living once and for all. 

Head over to watch. 

Irene's Musings

I wanted to share a small piece of writing that I shared via my social media worlds last week. It struck a chord with many, so I felt compelled to share here too: 

Our inner work doesn’t have an expiry date. If you think about it, animals don’t decide to stop being aware for a few weeks so they can take a break and have a ‘holiday.’ They are continually connected to their environment and are primed to their social engagement, and yes, their survival mechanisms. Harmony, continual connection, and never letting their guard down (but not in a way that burns them out) is ESSENTIAL for their good health and well-being. Humans tend to swing to extremes because we are both animals and, well, humans. Generally speaking, we tend to swing to one, and then the other, but rarely do we stay tethered to both at the same time. Our human work, in my opinion, is mastering this.

Here’s to mastery of humanity!

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