Today’s video and the two that preceded it were inspired by comments and questions from my students who have been participating in my online drop-in classes

What I hope you understand after this week’s video is there is no such thing as a strange sensation, a weird feeling, or an alien-like body movement that spontaneously appears out of nowhere 🙂

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When I hear my wise and older students (70+ years old) talk about what it’s like to finally listen to their biology, follow their impulses, and experience sensations and emotions as medicine and not as “something to be fixed” I breathe a deep sigh of relief because this is the sound (and action) of someone who has finally found freedom and salvation (for the first time ever). 

While most wish they had found this work sooner, they are equally glad to have found it at all. 

The bottom line is this: Life is precious and time is finite which means that doing the most, right now, to become your own medicine and release and heal the toxic traumas of the past is, in my opinion, essential. 

Because the truth of the matter is they don’t go away with time*. 

We haven’t done a lot of this as humans (in the Western world), but now that we understand what trauma is, why it is important, and how to move and work with the sensations and emotions of unresolved trauma (rather than ignoring or trying to get rid of them), we can truly start to become our medicine, rather than taking medicine that simply numbs us, speeds us up, or ‘fixes’ us for the short term. 

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*Of course, the whole notion of time is up for debate, but at least here in the physical we only have the time we have in this lifetime to heal all of our, and our past generations’, stored up traumas and dysregulations. And if they don’t heal now, in this lifetime, rumour has it they’ll come back with a vengeance in the next lifetime, or perhaps more simply for those who don’t believe that a soul exists: they will get passed on to your offspring and all the relationships you are involved in. So heal this stuff now before it festers anymore, or creates illness in your future (because the research tells us quite conclusively that it will). 

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To end this week’s note and my final email to you in 2019 ..

I can’t get some of the lines out of my head from the new and final Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker. And while I don’t want to write an essay about all the metaphors for healing trauma and healing the human condition in this remarkable saga, I will share one that goes perfectly with the year end and the importance of doing this work and ‘fighting’ the good flight: 

“Good people will fight if we lead them.” 

Thank you for showing up, learning, and doing this work that is my calling to live and teach.

I hope you continue to learn so that more healing and more restoration can take place here on planet Earth. 

I also believe there is a “fight” ahead of us – not one fueled with survival stress and more trauma, but one that is big and rebellious in nature – one that will go down in history as that time humanity finally healed and changed, for the better, due to a peaceful revolution of understanding about what it means to truly heal and be human.

May all the good forces be with you now, into the New Year, and into infinity, 


* * *

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