Suppressed anger, parental (mis)attunement, and… Is addiction really genetic? 

These are the kinds of big topics and questions I discuss with drug rehab counsellor, Rachel Martin, in our NEW long-form chat, titled ‘Somatic-based healing for addiction recovery.’

Rachel is a SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) alum as well as a Scientuitive Practitioner Track (SPT) mentee. She and I last recorded an interview 3 years ago, when she had just moved through the SBSM 12-week curriculum for the first time. In our previous talk (which you can watch here), we spoke to her personal journey with this work, after cancer and major surgery. 

In THIS chat, we get deeper into:

  • Rachel’s current work as a counsellor at a lockdown drug rehabilitation facility in Mexico 
  • How (and why) she applies this nervous system learning and work as a professional
  • The root of addictions: a personal and professional POV (Rachel has insight to both)
  • The way that pain (both physical and emotional) is handled in addiction recovery
  • The art and science of practitionership: making mistakes and doing good work
  • The hidden dangers and knock-on effects of psych meds (and any Rx really)
  • The blind spots and limitations of the 12 steps… And much more… 

*For more detail, be sure to check out the Video Chapters linked in the caption on YouTube.

If you have an interest in the connection between the nervous system, trauma, neuroplasticity and addiction – maybe you are in the midst of working through your own addictions, or you work with others to help them heal – I cannot recommend this talk enough. 

Dive in right here