I just LOVE what Gary Vaynerchuck says in this clip:

In a nutshell…

The interviewer shares the saying, “Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman,” and asks Gary if he agrees with it. Here’s what he says in reply:

“Yes, I do, but I would also say this: that behind every successful woman is a strong dad, or a strong mom. I do believe that the reality of how the world works, is when you have a support system behind you, whether it’s man or woman for man or woman, that that always plays out. And I think that the people that weren’t fortunate enough to have that around them, really need to put in a lot of extra work that the people that had it don’t have to do, and so, yes, I’m a buyer of that theory.”

Which brings me to… 

Two things that set SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM) apart from other ‘similar’ programs:

  1. Integration
    The nervous system learning and neurosensory exercises in SBSM are designed to be INTEGRATED into your daily life. They’re not just meant to be a one-off thing. And the people who experience the best long-term outcomes from this work are those who ‘get’ this. They ‘get’ that this learning and these practices are meant to be titrated (taken in small, incremental doses) and practiced (repeatedly and consistently) as part of a healthy nervous system LIFESTYLE – not a quick fix. Therefore membership is for life!
  2. Support
    As an SBSM member, not only do you have access to ONGOING support from a team of qualified nervous system and somatic practitioners during our roughly 12-week-long live sessions (usually twice a year, typically running Sep – Jan & Mar – Jun), you can also connect with others who are on a similar journey via our Member Communication area, and the curriculum itself (to which you have unlimited access) is a resource for life!

Like Mr. Vaynerchuck says, we ALL need a support system. 

Some of us are fortunate enough to have that around us in real life – others not so much, and those of us who fall into this camp need to put in the work to build this by and for ourselves… 

People like Melissa, an SBSM alum who came to this work back in September 2022 and says:

Could SBSM be YOUR “home base” for nervous system health & healing? Registration for the next round of this powerful online program opens Sept 3. Live curriculum begins Sept 15. 

Learn more and get on the waitlist here.

 * * *

Reminder: if we want to create deep, ‘stick to the ribs’ nervous system regulation, we need to SEQUENCE the (neuroplastic) healing. Dr. Norman Doidge coined the concept of ‘stages of neuroplastic healing’ in his book The Brain’s Way of Healing, and I popped in “sequencing” to complete the nervous system healing “formula.” The formula goes something like this: 

Theory + Practice = Application + Integration

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