Today’s share is all about the vagus nerve and how it connects to nervous system regulation.

There’s a virtual maelstrom of information and advice about the vagus nerve available online, not to mention devices to stimulate and “tone” this entire nerve, so as to regulate and “heal” it – and all this is only going to expand as nervous system health & healing gains mainstream popularity. 

So how do we sort the “bad” (incomplete, oversimplified, potentially harmful) from the “good” (anatomically accurate, polyvagal-informed, nuanced to the complexity of the nervous system)?

Non dumbed-down nervous system education is KEY! Dive into the video below to learn more.

Here are a few highlights (see the time stamped Video Chapters over on YouTube for more):

  • What creates real self-regulation as an adult (hint: you can’t give a baby a “technique”)
  • An example of the harm that can be done via vagus nerve stimulation (aka: “hijacking”)
  • When and when NOT to use the “voo” and “voo-ahh” sounds popularized by Peter Levine

This video was originally recorded as a livestream over on Instagram (my favourite social platform), and here’s what a couple of my community members over there had to say about it: