What is the trouble with trying to heal your trauma before building nervous system capacity? 

Billy Bob tells it like it is:

And I’ll add: 

I am certain that if I had only had access to what I teach others now…

That my long-ass journey of healing my nervous system, getting out of a functional freeze, navigating & releasing all my shock, surgical, anesthesia, chemical, in utero, birth, transgenerational traumas and more, would’ve been a lot less turbulent and painful. 

Would it have been faster? Would I have experienced less emotion and survival stress? 

I am not sure, but my sense is I would have navigated what I did move through with more mastery, which in and of itself could’ve made the journey a little less agonizing.

Last year, I did a long form video about coming out of functional freeze:

In this talk I mention how my system ‘blew’ up after doing too much somatic experiencing work [during my SE training and in personal sessions], and how part of this personal work was having a session with Peter Levine at a master class on surgical trauma.

It was after this class that my skin erupted and started to expel horrifically painful rashes [we are now pretty much certain that this was chemical trauma coming out] that lasted 3 years (see my About page for some images ;).

While I don’t blame anyone for what happened to me, I do know that my system went berserk because at that time, in 2009, there was very little to no discussion around how massively dysregulated humans are, and how much “junk” we can store inside of us. There was little being done to teach people titrated somatic neurosensory exercises that help build up a person’s capacity and foundations in the nervous system, first ( < this is what I teach now!!!). 

Here are some ways to get started: 

> grab a free resource

> listen to guest interviews

> take a drop-in class

> try an audio sampler 

> join my paid programs

Also, in addition to the nervous system health pieces, the whole world of circadian & quantum biology, eating whole foods that are non-inflammatory and treating skin conditions via the root cause, detoxing toxins gently and working on face fascia, and all the other amazing things that we can do to improve our terrain were just not in our awareness.


If I could go back, I would tell myself in 2008 to take two years to heal at ALL these levels before doing more pro training. 

Of course, I’m in THIS timeline, so I can only offer that advice back into the ether, but I can teach this and scream it from the rooftops so that others can have a gentler journey.

Final note for parents to be: If I could advise others, and I guess I am doing that right now, I’d strongly suggest waiting for a few, and if possible, a handful of years before starting a family (i.e., having babies). The more I hear from my alumni parents, the more I know it is in everyone’s favour if we take a pause to work on our own nervous system dysregulation so that the next generations are just a little more regulated from the start. 

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: regulated humans raise regulated humans (they will also create world peace!).