Hands down, one of the toughest things to grok when one starts their healing journey, à la nervous system level, is that it takes time. 

We can’t rush this work. Doing so can be disastrous. 

(I have some personal stories around this, but I’ll leave that for another day!) 🙂 

But let’s face it, miracle cures, while seductive, are short lived. 

Restoring and rewiring the autonomic nervous system (ANS) back to a more regulated and healthy place is serious business.

I’m a stickler when it comes to ensuring my students understand as much high level education as possible but also that they take their time with the practical components of this work. 

I often joke with my students that I sound like a broken record, repeating to them, reminding them, over and over, the importance of going slow, pausing as much as they need to, and that coming back to the basics is gold. 

Today’s video is all about this concept of going slow and honouring what the nervous system needs so healing can happen for real and stick. The concept we use to describe this incremental process is titration. Enjoy this week’s learning