I’ve got another NEW chat with a returning guest to share with y’all today and it is a GOOD one.

For those who are new here, didn’t catch our previous interviews, or haven’t been introduced to Donnie via this recent SBSM Alumni Panel chat (or this one), here’s a little background info:

Donnie Hill is a long-time friend of mine. We met around 10 years ago at a marketing training and have been in touch ever since. 🙂

He is also a SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM) alum, and he participated in early Beta modules of my advanced mentorship program, Scientuitive Practitioner Track (SPT).

In THIS, our third long-form conversation, we get into MANY different, yet interconnected topics* and realms, such as:

  • An update on Donnie’s personal path towards healing depression, anxiety, and a voice disorder called spasmodic dysphonia (all connected to nervous system dysregulation)
  • How everything from going through a divorce to air travel changes with more regulation 
  • Weaving polyvagal theory and nervous system awareness into the work environment
  • The importance of establishing cellular safety and how that impacts our relationships
  • The unmasking process and paying attention to the emotions behind the curtain
  • The role that fully expressing anger has played in regulating his voice disorder
  • And much more… 

*For more detail, be sure to check out the Video Chapters linked in the YouTube description. 

If you are thinking about doing this nervous system work – specifically SBSM, and maybe even practitioner training with me in the future – then this chat is a MUST-WATCH.

 * * *

Mentions and resources:

SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM) – registration for the next round opens Fall, 2024

Scientuitive Practitioner Track (SPT) – applications are now closed for the upcoming cohort, starting Sep 2024, but as SBSM is a prerequisite, we suggest you start there if interested in this.

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