This is…

An unconscious solution to unrecognized problems dating back to childhood.

— Vincent Felitti, the discoverer of The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, aka: The ACE Study


This unconscious solution is carrying excess body fat.

We’re at that time in the year when health and wellness professionals and popular press magazines are finalizing their New Year’s Resolution programs and pieces that will prey on those who continually struggle with weight loss and staying fit.

I get it.

I used to work in the fitness industry. Every year, when January came around, the gym memberships would soar and fulfill the quota. The cardio sign-up boards would be full. Personal training slots all booked.

Full steam ahead… but then, by this time (around Autumn) that adrenalized goal-setting habit had worn off and the new patrons would be gearing up to look for their next resolution “fix.”

Have you been there?

Not too long ago, I sent you an interview that I did with science journalist Donna Jackson Nakazawa.

Here is that original post, in case you missed it. Donna and I chatted about her recent book, Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology and How You Can Heal.

One of my readers had a great question about the origins of the research, namely The ACE Study, that’s covered in her book.

To answer this question, I decided to create my first EVER *SmartBodySmartMind* Podcast episode!! (How’s that for winging it!?)

This first episode is a perfect piece because it touches on my entire MO.

What you’ll learn in this piece boils down to a relatively silenced piece of research that is FINALLY starting to see the light of day.

It’ll explain A LOT. Especially why it’s so tough for some people to craft a better life for themselves: even with the best intentions, the best coaches, regimens and behavioural modification strategies. It’ll explain why people always fall short from — losing weight, kicking that addiction, curbing that anxiety, curing that depression, that chronic pain and fatigue.

Listen to EPISODE #1:

What I cover in this episode:

  • The *accidental* origins of The ACE Study and the discovery of a new epidemic
  • The common trait that addicts share
  • How ACEs affect health in adult years
  • What “Frozen Fear” is and why it’s so toxic to the human system

At the end I also cover:

  • The importance of learning about your stress response system, especially the fight, flight, freeze responses.
  • Why working at establishing SAFETY at the level of the stress organs is essential to recover from a high ACE score.
  • What must happen to heal the nervous system and get out of the Frozen Fear response.
  • My recommendations for working with specific traumatic memories and events that might be holding you back.


To learn more about The ACE Study —> http://www.acestudy.org/

To take the ACE Quiz and find out your ACE Score —> http://acestoohigh.com/got-your-ace-score/

To visit Donna’s site —> http://donnajacksonnakazawa.com/