Late this summer I interviewed science journalist Donna Jackson Nakazawa. Her newest book Childhood Disrupted – How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology and How You Can Heal, unveils a piece of groundbreaking research that’s finally seeing the light of day. FINALLY!

If you struggle in any way from one, or more, of these troubles:

Depression, anxiety, obesity, any autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, addictions (alcoholism, IV drug use etc.), heart disease, certain cancers (breast and melanoma), osteoarthritis, suicide attempt, risky sexual behaviours and multiple sexual partners…

Or you know someone who does?

Or you work with people who do?

Then listening to this chat is a must.

weight loss

In this interview we talk about something called The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, or The ACE Study for short.

The ACE Study found what is being touted as one of the gravest and most costly health epidemics in the United States. The burden to the ‘system’ surpasses that of heart disease and cancer.

This study links up to what I believe to be one of the biggest factors responsible for the majority of our world’s pain and suffering. Yes, that is a BIG belief. But the research and all the tributaries that branch out from it are just too conclusive to deny it anymore.

Please take some time to educate yourself on this topic because even if you aren’t affected by one of those problems above, I’ll bet you know someone who is.

A favour before you go; after you’ve listened, please share this interview on social media like it’s that TED talk that really got you thinking globally or…that memorable America’s Got Talent opera singer that made you cry or that crazy dance routine that made you go “WOW – that’s nuts!”.

Because this story will get you thinking globally. It could very well make you cry, and it should make you go “WOW – that’s nuts!”

* * *

PS This stuff is so important for the healing of individuals, families, societies, cultures and countries. And as tough as this conversation might be, if we bring more awareness to this, then, and only then, can we start the Real Deep Heal that our planet needed yesterday.


  • If you’d like to give the ACE quiz a try and see what your score is you can take it here*.
  • To access Donna’s website, as well as find links to her books, including the one we discussed in the interview, head over here.


The one word of caution I will put out to you is that, for some, taking this quiz and finding out that you have a high ACE score can ‘sometimes’ be a bit triggering. For others it can be liberating as it gives them the answers to why they’ve been struggling for so long. If you can go with the latter and see it as a liberating piece of knowledge, I’d recommend that route.