I’ve got an expert guest interview for you today with certified Nutrition and Quantum Health Coach Sarah Kleiner of Sarah Kleiner Wellness (formerly the Carnivore Yogi). 

As her recent rebrand suggests, Sarah isn’t one to shy away from personal evolution and following her impulse. 

The first time we spoke in 2021, Sarah shared how she healed her autoimmune troubles by shifting away from veganism to a carnivore diet. In 2022 she returned to share her newfound knowledge of Circadian Biology. 

Today, we’re coming full circle to discuss biological eating (following your gut—literally!) and how to ditch diet dogma for good. 

We unpack intermittent fasting, carb phobia, and local/seasonal eating, and cover some diet-related Q&As at the end, including my personal favourite….

”What should I eat?!!!” 

(Hint: WE don’t have the answer.)

Food (good whole food) is essential on our health and healing journey. And from what I’ve seen, the way we relate to food can get us into trouble. It can turn into an all-out obsession.

Carnivore, paleo, keto, pro-metabolic, vegetarian, veganism…the list goes on. There are SO many diets out there. Some can be incredibly helpful and therapeutic when used strategically. 

The trouble comes when we follow a particular diet and stop listening to what our biology is telling us. 

The “best” way to eat often unfolds naturally when we heal our relationship with ourselves and the environment around us and learn to orient to both at the same time. Once those things are onboard, we make better food choices naturally. No fancy diet necessary. 

Sarah’s story is an example of what it means to ditch diet dogma, listen to your own biology, and change course when necessary. 

If you’re steeped in diet culture, use a lot of “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts” when it comes to what you eat, or just don’t know what the heck to eat, I’ll encourage you to give our chat a watch.

* * *

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