Over the last year, I’ve been learning about something called circadian and quantum biology. 

I originally introduced this topic to my audience three months ago with this guest interview, and if you haven’t watched this inaugural chat with Sarah Kleiner, consider watching this one before today’s new interview. 

Via Sarah, I’ve been introduced to others who are leading the way around these topics, and I’m excited to share their stories, intellectual wisdom, and practical advice. 

One of those leaders, and my guest today, is Corey Ghazvini. 

In this new long-form interview, Corey and I have a macro lens discussion around the science of electromagnetic fields, often abbreviated EMFs, and the impact of what are called non-native EMF, or NNEMFs (which are anything that is human made and emits a frequency, like light bulbs, electricity, wifi, bluetooth, etc.).   

In addition to the biology and science that we talk about, Corey shares his personal story of dis-ease during his mid-20s, and how he turned his own health around with holistic practices (Corey is also a licensed acupuncturist). 

Have a watch and listen. 

One of the reasons this topic is near and dear to me is because the more regulated I’ve become in my nervous system, the more sensitive I’ve gotten to these non-native EMFs, and I will admit, this can be a bit of a nuisance from time to time, but for me it is also a sign that our bodies are not meant to live immersed in electrical and wifi frequencies 24/7. 

Essentially, when we get out of that functional freeze (that so many of us are living in) and become more whole with our biology, we also grow an organic ‘radar’ system within to detect that which is NOT good for us. 

My students are always reporting increased sensitivities to chemicals, food preservatives, and other toxicities (even people!) that once never bothered them. This is a good sign! 

This discussion is not about figuring out how to live in a cave away from the modern world. 

It is more of a wake-up call and ‘thought piece’ for those who have never considered how constant usage of technology might be triggering illness and/or hindering our healing potential. 

Final note …

At the start of our conversation, I share a fascinating parallel between one of my favourite experts in the field of trauma and disease (Gabor Mate) to one of Corey’s heroes (Andrew Marino), who was one of the first researchers to connect the ill effects of non-native EMFs on cellular health. I’ll encourage everyone to get to the end of that story to see why I believe this is important stuff. 

It is my hope that as more people become regulated in their nervous systems, and we learn from experts like Corey and Sarah, it will become more accepted to live a balanced quantum life!! 

* * *

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