It seems I start a lot of my writing by saying, 

The toughest thing to understand is…. (enter the thing that is tough to understand) … ‘

And today, I will start this email note to you by saying: 

One of the toughest things to understand when it comes to working with and healing shock trauma is that there is no “one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter-simple-step” process to release it. 

Today’s video is an excerpt from a longer video chat I did with student and friend Joe Martino.

For context, our original chat was about media sense-making and why we both believe it’s important to have awareness, curiosity and most importantly, regulation, when digging into world events … 

At the end of our chat he shares a “textbook” example of what processing a shock trauma might look like when one is integrating the education and skills learned via my online resources. 

By the way, Joe is a great storyteller and he gives a play-by-play of this entire shock trauma event. 

From all the thoughts that went through his mind while falling off a ladder, to the weird sounds he made on the ground, to random emotions that kept popping up, all the way to a real (non-instigated) shaking release that one might say is the “holy grail” for knowing you have shifted stored shock trauma. 

Not sure what shock trauma actually is? 

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to watch my healing trauma video training

In this training, I break down the differences between:

  • Shock trauma
  • Accumulated and chronic stress 
  • What I call “medical and more” trauma
  • Early and developmental trauma 

Another perk to this free training

The worksheets that go with each video, plus the 20-min neurosensory exercise that helps you put the theory into real-life experience

Even if you have moved through this video training, consider doing a refresher of the education, and at the least, give the 20-min neurosensory exercise a go again. 

After all, it never “hurts” to reconnect to your system and the environment.
(If anything, it’ll help heal!)

Here’s to more learning, healing, pausing, and releasing shock traumas (organically, I might add!). 

 * * *

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